A Soldier's Apology

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Here is another I wrote. The truth is that it happened, maybe not as written, but close enough.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



A Soldier’s Apology


He got off the plane at home,

He saw the ones loved most,

Everything started fine and well,

Then it all started to hell,


The fights started as only words,

Soon they escalated to more,

The pain he made them feel,

He never thought was real,


They then went away,

He never saw them that day,

He never could understand why,

He never thought they’d say goodbye,


He stared to feel all alone,

He never knew he did them wrong,

He tried so hard to find the words,

To try and heal all the wounds,


Soon it was time for him to leave,

Before he left he did finally see,

The things he did to them was wrong,

The pain he caused was real,


He turned to them with tears in eyes,

He couldn’t yet say his goodbyes,

Not without saying the things need said,

He made sure he left on terms he set,


“I understand if you hate me now,

I know the wrongs I have done,

Words cannot show the sorrow,

That consumes me as of now,”


To them he began to show,

Love that was previously unknown,

One he went and talked to in private,

To explain how sorry he was,


He made sure his feelings were known,

He grabbed his bags and walked away,

Looking back he wishes he could stay,

Make it right god, he did pray.

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