Children Among the Wolves

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This poem is one I wrote about the children in Afghanistan. It describes how they live while a war is fought with them bearing witness to those horrors. It is also for those that are affected by fights on the home front.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



Children Among the Wolves


They walk through the street showing smiles,

They can be seen for tens of miles,

They run and jump and play,

We are safe from harm they say,


The dust fills up the street,

Running now, not knowing who they shall meet,

Gunfire rips through the first calm,

They hide their eyes with their palms,


Men are running all around,

Some were trying not to make a sound,

Children cry from fear of the clamor,

None will say this is glamour,


The dust starts to settle down,

Those kind smiles are now a frown,

Men are coming from all around,

Checking those that make no sound,


One child has tears in her eyes,

It comes as no surprise,

Blood covers her hands and arms,

This a happened with no alarms,


A man kneels beside her,

He does his best to comfort her,

He tells her it will be alright,

It is over, this fight,


She looks at him not knowing,

He looks at her not showing,

Her eyes start to close in a deep rest,

A pain fills within his chest,


He looks at his friends in sorrow,

For her, there is no tomorrow,

When she is laid to rest,

A phrase is said from his chest,


The child that fought and was strong,

Is now no longer among,

She is in heaven above,

She no longer with children among the wolves,


She died by the bullet of a gun,

She will now always have fun,

It weighs heavily on the minds of men,

They pray it’ll never happen again.

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