Emma's Strength

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A poem I wrote for my cousin. She lost her mother about a year ago and this is something I wrote soon after. This tells how strong she is even though she's as young as she is.

Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



Emma's Strength


When she lays her head down at night,

She tries with all of her might,

Keeping the outside as strong as can be,

If they looked hard they'd see,

The truth that's hidden inside,


The pain keeps on dwelling,

The tears keep on swelling,

Wishing she had more time with her,

Knowing she's without her mother,

She only wants more time with her,


Memories are all she has now,

Trying to understand the reasons why,

She never wants to know how,

All she wants to know is why,

She had to tell her goodbye,


The hurt is still dwelling,

The pain is ever swellig,

The time with her was everything,

She says every day she'll do anyting,

Just to spend more time with her,


In her dreams she knows,

No matter how her life goes,

Her mom will be with her always,

When she wakes wth a smile on her face,

Everyone knows she was at that place,


There is happiness that's dwelling,

Soon it will be swelling,

She can always have time with her,


She holds her head up high,

A smile keeps beaming bright,

Even with tears in her eyes,

She knows it's going to be alright,

Nothing will bring her down,


She will always have time with her,

Everyday she knows her mom's watching,

In her mind she keeps thinking,

In her heart she knows,


She will always have time with her,

She will remember the time with her,

She will cherish the time with her.

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