Non Robore Sed Spe

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Here is a poem about hope and strength. When you are down, and you feel you don't belong. Just remember the meaning hidden here. Nothing is worse than losing your hope and strength of will that allows you to know that you can push through.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



Non Robore, Sed Spe


He walks though the barren land,

Not knowing where he does stand,

He feels the sting of the heat,

He will never accept defeat,


The blood that runs down his arm,

Dripping quietly off his hanging palm,

The war that has begun,

Oh the songs that shall be sung,


Glazed eyes toward the blue horizon,

He never knew that he has won,

He falls down to his worn knees,

And listens to the quiet breeze,


Hear the songs of the lives past?

Hear them that forever shall last?

The prayers that were never said,

Pray now, just go ahead,


Here he knows his strength is fading,

His hope is forever wading,

He knows what lies beyond the gate,

He’s decided to make it wait,


For he has eternal hope,

Forever all the torments he can cope,

For he knows what the voices said,

All of those who long since are dead,


He hears their cries still today,

There is nothing he can say,

For without strength there is no hope,

Hope is what allowed him to cope,


Yet there is no hope without strength,

He knows this in great length,

As he stands and looks at the sky,

He starts to walk, and wave goodbye,


For those he heard were just months dead,

He hears their whispers in his head,

They urge him on with a soul with fight,

He knows that they are right,


For when life is hard and coming apart.

There is no better place to start,

Think of those that have gone before,

Lose your troubles and be troubled no more.

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