Death lingered

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Umm...Yeah this is just something personal. It had meaning behind it.

Submitted: May 11, 2008

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Submitted: May 11, 2008



Today death lingered as a shadow.
A black cat crossed our path,
An eerie chilled wind,
And a bat.
Then we saw it.
The creeping shadow of death approaching,
But we couldn't stop it.
Not alone.
We ran, 
And fast we ran.
No where to go,
Or anyone to help.
We were alone in the world of darkness,
Without a light.
Yet death,

Did not take us away.

Death merely haunted us,

Tormented us,
And stalked us.
He could have ended it.
But instead he just lingered.

Not a word, nor a trace.
Just a shadow in his place.
I feared and loved all in one.
But what was the purpose,
Of a girl who loved death?
When death cared nothing,
About the girl.

Or was that why he lingered?

~ I'll be crawling in the dark looking for the anwser~

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