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Poem by: shadowlight


A man must confront his past life before he can begin his new one


Submitted: May 26, 2011

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Submitted: May 26, 2011



I blink just once as all confusion sets in

My surroundings are nothing of what was left

I can feel it

I remember the collaboration of noise and chaos

I remember the face and the ones who cared

Now I feel it not

This place billowy and uplifting with light about

Keeping a solace of gratitude throughout the air

Though I feel as a weight

A stranger I be in this new found land

Adventurous at heart but none of what sought after

An anchor I be of stone

Accepted but indifferent the feeling overwhelms

Creating a sensation upon feather light skin

I do not belong here

Rejuvenation the feeling but hollow from within

A depth of soul that creates the unknown

I have come unannounced

My skin transparent and bright as can be

The area passing its light from all directions

I cannot absorb thee

The layer of skin hollow beneath absorbing nothing

The light flows through without a second glance

Eyes flickering to accept the light and all its glory

The stain of tears quickly evaporating from mine cheeks

Open your eyes

The sensation of my tears ends pool my transparent feet

Sensing the thousand sins upon my skin

Look to your heart

I look within my skin to my beating heart

Bloody red with no black and weightless to be

Look to your soul

A conscious effort of knowing the mistakes been made

A loving gift to fortify all knowledge of there of

I have accepted my faults

As the rays of light direct into my skin

Making that there of glow with the area around

I am accepted here

I am as my own entirety

I hear the soft voices coming from the light

Gentle to break but persistent in thought

Look to your heart

Uncontrollable nature I look to where my heart lies

Yet not a pure heart there is a black upon the heart

Look to your heart

My eyes fasten to the blackened heart that stands

A faint pulsing pain is felt within the black

Search your heart

The weight of the black shutters my eyes to darkness

The black is felt a thousand times over

Search your heart

My life in times flash between my mind’s eye

A thousand images only consciously found

Gone in an instant

The images crush the soul and weaken the mind

All of times I brought no good that should be

With me forever

I can feel the weight of a thousand sins release

Brought upon mine own self fluttered to fade away

Open your eyes

© Copyright 2017 shadowlight. All rights reserved.

A Black1 A Black1

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



A man must confront his past life before he can begin his new one
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