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This story is for a contest, about the seven deadly sins by AnarchyBlues. What I have wrote my story about is greed and what greed does to people.

Submitted: March 13, 2016

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Submitted: March 13, 2016






Dark grey clouds cover the once sea blue sky like a blanket wiping out all light. Birds that once flew, now rest in their nests, waiting for the storm to end as strong currents of wind threaten to blow the nests from the swaying treetops, rain falls from the dark sky, resembling bullets drowning small creatures such as beetles and spiders. 

I hold my assault rifle closer to me as I walk down the cold night, it wasn't long before bullets fled from the enemy guns, I duck behind a dented car, I could see the enemy soldiers drawing nearer. 

I had two other men beside me, they were already readying to attack the enemy, it was our job to draw them away from this city, but I didn't care what I did, at least I was being payed. I may have had enough money to survive, but I wanted more, I had big dream, and all of them included money. 

I raise my rifle over the top of the car and begin firing bullet after bullet at the enemy, one of the enemy soldiers is struck in the chest causing him to fall to the ground, fresh blood pours out, its thick texture staining the hard ground. 

I fire another bullet and strike another one of the enemy soldiers, at that moment the two men who were beside me begins to fire at the enemies. 

Bodies fall to the ground like flies, not a single regret carved into my mind as the last of the small group falls victim to our attack, they all hit the ground with a small thud. 

I jump out from behind the car and approach the enemy soldiers. 

"Check if there's anymore around," I order the two men before they run off to search for more enemy groups. 

I just glance over to the soldiers, most were already dead, but one seemed to move his hand. 

"Still alive? Let me fix that," I mutter approaching the soldier and raising my assault rifle to his head. 

To me, these soldiers were nothing but slaves working for the enemy, and therefore needed to die, the soldier looks up at me weakly, blood still escaped through his open wound, the man opens his mouth as if to speak, but pauses. 

I place my finger to the trigger. All I needed was enough money so I didn't have to take this job, and then I wouldn't need to see these soldiers again, they meant nothing to me, and I'd imagin I meant nothing to them, they seem to kill with a smile on their face, they came to our country, and they attacked. How'd they think we'd react, we won't let men like this take control of our country. 

Money. It was the only reason for taking this job, I wouldn't have even gone near it, if it were volventary, the money I would obtain from their deaths would hopefully allow me to do whatever I want, without worrying for more. 

"Wait," the soldier chokes as I hold my assault rifle at him. 

"What? I doubt whatever you tell me would be even the slightest bit interesting," I say. 

"Please," the man mutters. 

"I won't save your life if that's what your asking," I state. 

"Please. Make sure my family is safe. I may die, but please, make sure they live," the man pleads. 

Startled, I step back. He asked me to make sure his family is safe? Even though I'm a soldier who just killed him and his entire group, he told me to keep his family safe, he didn't even care about himself, he just wanted them to live. 

I was blinded. Blinded by greed. All I wanted was money, I wanted it so much that it blinded me, so I couldn't see that the people, the men that I killed. They too had lives, just like me. 

"You want me to help your family?" I ask. 

"I took this job for them. I needed to help them," the soldier says. 

Soon his frantic breathes were silenced, and all movement became still. 



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