how love can be corrupted

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why must the lover suffer?.....this may answer your question

How can one man suffer and the other prevail based on the failure of others

How can one show the absence of mercy when mercy has been abundent to him?

And how can one forgiven reject other forgiven thus plunging them them in despair?

All good questions for many troubling times, But if one does not has someone to ask , no loved ones or family, who shall answer these questions?

The answer for many lost souls is ..... No one, thus the answers created by the asker become distorted, misshappened, and corrupt.

Twisting the mind, morphong it into someone else..... something else

And after all the abuse.... the other in the beginning, the lover, who showed love when there was non to be deserved and kindness to the ones who hurt him....

And after all that abuse, His love for the other only grows stronger 

And this my friends is how love is used....twisted to manipulate and control the lover..... To hold its love so close then lets go like the last thread holding a boat to the bay...... drifting away never to care or hold the other again

thus bringing the lover to udder desperation and misery.


Now the lover can not feel. lashing out on others who care for the lover...tearing them to shreads, trying to make them feel the same pain the lover has.

And as he lashes and curses..... he is still broken


And the currupt keeps on pulling on the hair thin thread in the lover heart to keep him in place

and everytime she pulls...... the lover has a spark.. a flare of hope , but ends up to be dashed out again........but worse


So what do you call the currupt people... hurt the lover who has put his heart and soul in life, and uses it till its empty?..............


that deeire... is something for you to deside.....


Submitted: November 23, 2014

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