This One's For You

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I wish you were here.

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012



I wish you were here

I wish you would just suddenly appear

And be with me, us



I wish we could just sit down

And talk for hours, about





About everything

You never wanted me to know

About anything

I always wanted you to know

Just listen, Listen.


I wish I could kiss you

Your neck, your cheek,

You lips

And leave a mark

But not one that you can see


I wish you could be yourself again

Not hide, not hide behind the mask

And just be

Be you.


Just let it go

Cry on my shoulder,

Punch the wall

Laugh like, 

Like you've never laughed before


Like the sun, I know you can, darling.


I wish you were here

Right here, in my arms

My arms, MY arms


I wish you would tell me that

I'm wrong

I'm strong

I'm beautiful

I'm not worthless


I would tell you the same, because

You don't believe

Never believe.


I wish you could fall asleep

With your head on my shoulder

And I would whisper in your ear,

A secret

My secret

"I love you"

Because I don't want you to know

You can't know

Not yet, not ever.


Darling, I know you care

You care.

I wish that, you were here

And you could show it

Like I know you want to...


I wish that I could wake up

And see


You, sunlight shining on your face

With your secret shining in the air

"I love you."

Because, I know.

You know

I know

We know, and

We wish you were here.

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