Best Friends With A Stranger

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This is me missing you. Can you show me you missing me?

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



Every time we say goodnight,
I tend to hear this strange little crack
coming from my chest, the place where my heart belongs.

Every time we hug,
I feel like the world is coming to a close
because I feel my heart flutter once and stop.

Every time we have a moment,
I feel this sharp pain
coming from my chest, because I know that it's possible we'll never meet.

Every morning when we talk,
You ask if you were missed and I have no other choice
but to simply reply an honest yes.

Every night I have to go through this feeling,
A feeling of me missing you,
And a thought of wonder if you're missing me.

Every time we stare at each other,
I have to admit to myself
That I'm best friends with a stranger.

Every time we tell funny stories,
I always tell one, and you always laugh,
and these are the times that I wonder if you have any funny tales to tell.

Every time we say goodnight,
We hug, have a moment, talk, stare and share,
I wonder if you get the feeling of being best friends with a stranger.

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