Lowlife: Harvared application

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Ok, so I wrote this because I was bored.
And I dont need anyone coming on here to read it and start talking crap. I know myself better than you people do so dont come on my page making judgements and such.
Other than that, enjoy :)

Submitted: April 23, 2009

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Submitted: April 23, 2009



I told my mother I smoke pot

She said I disown you, your out of luck

But in this world you only live once

Ill gather my shit and move somewhere else

Somewhere free to smoke, Somewhere free to live

My live's direction is thrown out like shit

After high school ill be a stripper, ill be a hooker, a prostitude, or maybe sell liquor

But its all right because I have weed and in the end that's all I need

The haters hate and talk their smack

while I smoke pot and laugh at crap

Well, Stoners live their daily lives

Say "hello world, Im really high"

So if your feeling unsuccesful

Fuck the world, and smoke some weed

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