the darkness rises

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in a time of peace a darkness will rises

Submitted: December 13, 2012

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Submitted: December 13, 2012



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The Darkness Rises

This story takes place three months after the infamous death of a great man by the name of Sam Dragonfire. His death brought peace to the world. Humans and monsters are living together in peace, but the peace didn’t last long; darkness was rising.

It was a dark, tempestuous night at Dragonwind castle in Ireland. The castle was an old English castle. The castle is home to a portal that leads to the darkness planet in the kaijin universe. Zack O’Conner watches over that portal. Zack is the kaijin god of wind. Zack started to feel a dark chill in the wind. He rushed to the phone and called Garnet Dragonfire, Sam’s wife. “Hey, Garnet, I feel something evil in the air,” said Zack. “Ok, I’ll tell Layla,” said Garnet. He hung up the phone. He walked to the castle to visit Kelly, the queen of the dullhans to see if see felt it too. Dullhans are headless riders. He saw a shadowy figure flying around the castle. He took a closer look at it. It was Shadowpyro, Sam’s darkness dragon. He ran home and saw Layla Dragonfire was there with Sam Jr., and Gaia Dragonfire.

“Hey, Zack what’s the problem,” asked Layla. “Big evil is going. I can feel it,” said Gaia has she started shaking in fear. “It’s here already. The evil is Shadowpyro,” said Zack. “We’re doomed,” said Sam Jr. The unilluminated clouds started to cover the whole world. Monsters all over the world started killing humans for no reason. Vampires, lycans, banshees, and dullhans started gathering at Dragonwind castle.

They walked to the house. Gaia found a comfy corner to shiver in. Sam Jr. was pacing around the house. Layla and Zack were making a plan of attack, and then there was a creek on the roof. Sam Jr. was getting scared of it, and then a pitchy figure showed up out the window scaring Gaia half to death. The figure vanishes then jumped through the window scaring Zack and Layla. “Hi guys,” said a familiar voice. “Victoria, what are you doing scaring us like that,” said Zack. Victoria is the queen of the vampires, ever since Sam killed Dracula. “Why aren’t you affected by the darkness,” asked Layla. “Because I’m used to it,” replied Victoria. “I just remember something. Sam was prepared for this. He had me place a device next to the portal,” said Zack in excitement. “How are we going to get to it,” asked Layla. “Yin Yang dragon fusion, my brother and I can keep the monster busy,” said Gaia. Sam Jr. nodded in agreement.

“What’s that,” asked Layla. “When we were born our dad separated the good and evil in us,” said Gaia. “I’m the evil and she’s the good and yin yang fusion is when our evil and good mix,” said Sam Jr. “That could work, Layla’s speed, my knowledge of the castle, and your guys’ distraction,” said Zack. “I’m not as fast as Sam was with someone on my back. “It’s ok as long as we get there before Shadowpyro fuses the universes,” said Zack.

They walked to the castle’s grounds, when the monsters spotted them. The monsters started running after them. Zack hopped on Layla’s back. Sam Jr. and Gaia started the fusion. They interlock their hands wand sparkles started glowing around them, then they turned into a two headed black and white dragon. It blew black flames out of one of its head and white flames out of the other. “Go now,” It said in a two tuned voice that sounded like Gaia and Sam Jr. speaking at the same time. Layla ran into the castle as the yin yang dragon cleared a path to the doors. They wiped out all the monsters, and then Shadowpyro yelled, “Who dares try to stop me!” “We do,” said the yin yang dragon. “Ah, Sam’s kids have come to stop me,” said Shadowpyro.

Meanwhile inside the castle, they made it to the portal. Zack got off Layla’s back and said, “There is the device.” He walked to the device and turns it on. “Why isn’t it working,” asked Layla. “It needs a Dragonfire’s energy,” said Zack. Layla walked over and put her hands on. The device started glowing and a giant vortex opened up sucking Shadowpyro and his darkness back into the portal. The portal closed up. Gaia and Sam Jr. ran to the portal. They saw Layla pasted out on the ground. They carried her back to Zack’s house. There was Victoria and Kelly waiting and drinking tea. “Thank you, young Dragonfires,” said Kelly, then they went back to their own lives.

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