Introducing India

Poem by: Shadows of Memories


Introducing India


Submitted: March 20, 2012

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Submitted: March 20, 2012




Welcome you with a warm ‘Namaste’,

With broad smiles on our oval faces,

On this land of festive seasons,

And also for many more reasons---

A mix ‘n’ match of odds and lauds,

Call her, you may, Land of Gods,

With colours and races of castes and creeds,

Both with cynic and optimists.


You see the sun rise by the sea,

Bay of Bengal, call it we,

With the sunset and vast beauty,

By Arabian Sea with a Darjeeling tea.

Go green, pristine, feel the fields,

With ample mountains, rivers and hills,

Forests, desserts, educed glamour,

Find them all, in the same container.


Foods and fests hold supreme reign,

Jalebi, Mithai,Pulav or grain,

Find how crowded, the way most travel,

Bindis, sarees , jhumkas or bangle,

Turbans, dhotis,kurta-pajamas,

Believe in God, repose in Karmas,

Family is life, and so vice-versa,

Bonding’s backbone, unity’s plasma.


Knowledge, wisdom, sports, politics,

History, culture, art, music,

India fames out, outnumbered,

Holy heart, pull-cart, glam-slumbered.

The world says,” India is so very poor,

Dollars she doesn’t make, but endure.”

To them, I scream, aloud with pride,

India is any time our lovely Bride.


Come Home, see deep, inside the hearts,

So many lost life, even their hearths,

Fighting for freedom from British to Kargill’s,

Still she’s fighting to battle the Devils,

The tears still rest by the eye-blades and cheeks,

But they will smile at you, as if all fixed,

Truly an abode of God, where I reside,

How is my country, now you try to decide!

© Copyright 2017 Shadows of Memories. All rights reserved.

Introducing India

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Introducing India
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