My First Kiss : so memorable

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anything first in life has its own significance. It leaves an important space for the rest of the life...

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012




The First Kiss


I don’t remember the day and the month,

The year, the hour, the time or moment,

I just remember I closed my eyes,

As you touched your lips hard, to suffice,

On my lips as they frowned and trembled,

And you hold my head and fumbled.

I closed my eyes, I sensed your breath,

I sensed your beard, and the kiss that you did,

I was in love, and in much pleasure,

To kiss you along ever and forever,

The Paradise of love, we’re closer than ever,

I held you so tight, don’t leave me; never!

The kiss and its bliss was magical to wonder,

I was in your arms, you kissed me so tender.

The season seemed to move for a decade,

Or even a century to wear out a facade,

We never knew how long and what,

If we were even alive, dead or not.

Our souls met, hearts too, together so close,

The  kiss we would never forget, the bonding knows.

The first kiss, lovely always, eternal and devout,

Framed with so much of care, as a silhouette.

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