Relationships Redifined

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What is all this relationship about?

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



Relationships are undefined yet,

Complicated and humiliated,

Sometimes fascinated too,

Not so easy and charming,

Like in castes of birds and animals,

Or in flowers and fruits do.

The society funds and sponsors,

With mobs and sobs,

Sometimes without even hopes,

The relation tends to low,

With failures and sorrows,

And finally causing mere chokes.

Even then we learn to accept,

Leave ourselves and live in it,

With ups and downs every moment,

With untold stories, histories and mysteries,

Kept unspoken forever and ever,

Stitched and canned a bonnet.

When lips meet lust, souls kept away,

In painful pleasure, and moaning groans,

The sip of tongues, makes more creep,

Deep in wonder, as if relationship shone.

The ship of wrecked wretched and vigour

Broke and tore amidst the silence

Empty darkness swallowed forever

Failed, still testing the taste of patience.

Mother and her would be,

Still in the swell womb,

Being kicked makes her feel happy,

Pampered and pomp.

Happiness, heartiness, cried in laughter,

Counting seconds, days and events,

Desperate to see her hopes come true,

Resting, weaving nostalgic moments.

The purest of pure, the priceless of all,

From under the sea, finding the pearl,

The dreams so near, close and loving,

Moments to come true, eagerly waiting,

The innocent of all, the nature too recall,

The motherhood in flora, fauna and all.

It does not end, the room is still left,

If you want, you can ponder,

The rest to be rendered,

The manicure of the society,

Diversifies reality,

Relationship worthy,

Is it really?, I wonder.

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