The story of the Little Girl

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The story of this little girl reflects a bigger scenario of how a girl grows up and then finds difficulty in her bigger life and fights back to come out of it and makes up to build her own new world of happiness.

Submitted: February 06, 2012

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Submitted: February 06, 2012




“Curly hair, tied with laces,

In her pink silk dress,

Smiling happy, full of joy,

Playing at the corner of terrace.

She dressed her doll, looked like her,

Treated it as her child,

She had a set of crockery too,

She cooked some leaves from wild.

It’s so strange, from the childhood,

A daughter is set like a ‘Wife’,

With a doll and toy-crockery too,

As if to guide her life.

She’s given all such toys,

Along her mental set,

She learns to cook, and makes  too food,

And to make the bed.

Soon she knows how to wash,

To do the  household jobs,

How to charm and be loving to all,

How to  hide her sobs.

Soon the bell of the church

 Is rung so hard and loud,

If she wants, or she doesn’t,

Her likes are simply not allowed.

The rings of glitz and of glam,

Had to be  exchanged with the groom,

She never knew, with golden hue,

She tied the knot with doom.

She wishes or not, it doesn’t matter,

It is her duty untold,

She locks her heart, silence moaned,

Along her mind and soul.

The little girl, playing with her doll,

Amidst the unknown storm,

Thunder rattled, and she battled,

She stood though weak, but firm.

She tried so hard, standing strong,

Again she fell and failed,

She’s hurt and cut, made apart,

She knew she’d be then soon  knelled.

She fought and ran, fled she came,

Her eyes so moist and scared,

She missed her doll, her little pie,

She wants it back to  be paired.

The doll still longed for her hand

She never let it go,

She made the promise to feed her baby,

And water her plants that she sowed.

The plants of hope, her dreams and life,

The seeds of joy she sowed,

She sees her desires coming true soon,

Her river of life overflowed.

She plucked out leaves torn and weathered,

And left them in the pond,

The leaves they move, alone and anon,

Out of sight they had gone.

The autumn fall, spring came too,

And came birds and bees,

Her garden looked so beautiful now,

All looked fine off crease.

The stars again shone, the night dressed bright,

The little girl kissed her doll.


...and that was the story, you must have loved...”

Kissed her son,  Mommy told.

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