We live together forever

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The first meet is unforgetable ever; and the last meet is the closest of all...the evergreen togetherness

Submitted: January 16, 2012

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Submitted: January 16, 2012



I met you amidst the cacophony of the traffics

I met you where the crossroads coincide

I met you when the rains seasoned us

I met you when you could not decide


You never knew you loved me

 I never knew it too

Your heart started beating at me

I too felt it was You


We were confused, how to deliver..

How to exchange the thoughts

I poked you back unnaturally

You seemed terribly shocked


I said I love you

You nodded your head

You don’t know still, what to do

But you could not ever forget


You felt you fell in love,

You fell in friendship too

The courtship of our hearts wove it

And I fell in love with you


A spark worked miracle between us

We got to be paired soon

Our wavelengths were magical enough

And we tied for the boon


The life grows old

And ageing too

Not even at all

Sparing us two


Still we fly

With colours high

Two carefree birds

In the sky


And we fly

Together above

We began with life

And end with love.


We sulk, we tire,

We gasp to breathe

We die , we burry

But together we live.

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