Left, Right. Now for some Center..

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This was a Letter to the Editor I wrote to my town's local Newspaper. And just as I had said in that Letter, I doubted that the Paper would print it. I was right about that, which is just sad. Oh well, here goes...

Submitted: April 28, 2009

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Submitted: April 28, 2009



Left and Right, One hates Religion, attacks Conservative Values and can lead to Socialism. The other, hates Liberal ideals, attacks Gays and any issue that is seen as being Immoral. Yet the Right favors War, the Left favors higher Taxes.

Thats the problem, we have too much Left and too much Right, two extermist groups bashing each other. Meanwhile, we suffer in this Nation with a weakening Ecomony, started by Reagan, working its way down through Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and now Obama. Both the Left and Right are to blame for the messes we are in right now. Also as the Left and Right attack each other on the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our young Men and Women die. Veterans are treated as dirt, the Rich get richer and the Poor grow en masse. Yet no one Left or Right seems to care. And personally I wonder if this letter I write, which sheds light on the incompetance of both Liberals and Conservatives well be published. As I find there seems to be favortism with this paper. And that only certain people of Left or Right tend to get published more.

It seems to me, that there is no room for Centerist or Moderate or Independent thought in this Nation. And thats the problem, as Left and Right, Liberal Socalists and Fascist Conservatives attack, the rest of us suffer. Neither Left nor Right, have any awnsers for us. You just bash each other over pointless issues. Its time for a change, its time to bring this Nation back to the Center. Time to give the Moderates, who only care about fixing the problem, not fighting about it, a chance.

Now is the time for some Center...

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