RDI...Worst Roleplay site ever.

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My take on a Roleplay site I once played on.

Submitted: May 04, 2009

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Submitted: May 04, 2009



  Dear readers, I would like to tell you about a so called Free Form Roleplay Site, I once played on. Its called Rhydin, on RDI, or Dragonsmark.com. It is a Free style Roleplaying site, based on a Fictional world that crosses Fantasy, Old West, and Sci Fi. Pretty much any Fictional or Historical Genre is found and played on here. It has a small membership, only about 9000 in all. Of course much of that are people who play multiple characters. If you are one that is into that sort of thing, and like to write stories of Fiction. Avoid at all costs RDI, it is the worst possible RP site on the Web. And here are some reasons why..

  First, there are players on that site, that act like little Gods of the site, controlling, making other players follow a certain way. And if you don't, then you best look out, as these Modders as they are called, well do all they can to ruin your character. Not only that but ruin any storylines you and others are running. As well as go out of their way to attack you personally in Private messenges, on in the Chat rooms of that site.

 The so called Admins, the people who run the site, turn a blind eye to such Modders, as these Modders are long time players. In fact a number of the Admins are also Modders as well. In all the Long time players act as one big, exclusive club and if you are not a part of the group, then you are nothing to them. So much for fair play as this RDI espouses to what they are offering on their site.

 Also there are some of the Long time players, that blatanly plagerise the ideas and works of other, newer players. Stealing of ideas, names, places and the like are rampant on RDI. Again the Admins do nothing to stop this activity, since those doing it are long time players.

 Another point is the changes in the writing policy of RDI, which when I started were fairly lax. One could wirte bascially any style of ficitonal story, as long as it was not too graphic and was based in Rhydin. If a story was to be graphic, then one could simply place a disclaimer, and this was accepted. However..over time, the Admins placed far stricter rules, and bascially said that if you break the rules, your story is erased and you are banned. This smacks in the face of Censorship and is completly against the 1st Admendment of the Constitution, in regards to Free speech. Inspite of this, and yet again showing abject favoritism, the Admins turn a blind eye to those who are long time players. Graphic storylines and objectionibly pornograpic pictures can be found in at least a few story folders on that site. And have remained there for some time, without the Admins lifting a finger to put a stop to the rulebraking.

This of course shows complete Hypocracy in the case of the Admins, and the favoritism they give to the Long time players.

 In all, if you are a new player, looking to have fun on a Roleplaying site, and enjoy to write stories and be able to express any characters and ficitonal ideas, don't goto Rhydin(RDI). If you value your right to freedom of speech, and creative nature, and dont wish to be treated like dirt. Then don't bother with Dragonsmark, there are much better sites out there to be sure.

 Thankyou and good day.

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