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Submitted: January 23, 2010

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Submitted: January 23, 2010



She was grace, in beauty, name,and in essence. To those whos lives she touched she left a mark and no one would ever forget her beautiful name. But fate had bound her and I from eachother. Two souls that would never meet.And the other was alwaysthere, my friend, my hope,my care. But even she could not break thespell.My eyes would linger to her everyday. She never noticed me.She was grace.

Dark midnight strands of wavy freeflowing hair, with beams of sunshine blonde cutting through the night, draping over serine eyes of sparkling Hazel. The celestial gods of the sky would envy her. The sun would wish her brightness, the mood would adore her shine. The stars would long for the twinkle, in the sparkling Hazel eyes. The sky would want the fullness, of her flowing dark hair. They all would want the power, of her mesmerizing spell. But even as the days past, and the day turned to night, the sky would still envy her, her looks, her power, that perfect little prize. God in heaven shine his eyes, on that small yeat perfect prize, to those eyes, those spellbinding eyes. She was perfect. She was grace.

As she speaks a bell tolls and rings within my ear, that sound of pure joy, was too much to hear. every word she spoke, struck my like the blade, of the sword that 'till this day, would always cary the name, grace. She...was, grace.

For every perfection stitched into her form, I became so much less perfect in my dark and dreary picture. She was the moon in my night sky, the sunshine in the dark morn. She was the light that never seased, the Beauty to my Beast. Even the stars in my night sky and empty space, weren't perfect enough to keep pace with her. Just a girl, now everything is her. We were never meant to be but I will never forget her name, for she was joy, love, peace, grace, the beginning, the end. She was all. . All because no one has ever made me feel more sure, more insecure, more deeply in love, or less signifigant. She was grace.

She will always be in my every dream. She was, is, and always will be, amazing grace.

Trenton D. January 23, 2010. 7:00 pm.

[Notes] [As for one this poem is based off real life, matter of fact it's still going on. Still the same. Secondly her real name isn't "Grace" The term was just used hear the the sense of an adjective, to describe her. Her real name is Jacqueline. Not Grace. So don't get any ideas. Secondly thanks to all who read this. I really needed some of that pep right now. Third, I will release more work. I'm working on a few things right now. Hopefully one day I can be a serious writer and write real novels and famouse poems and all. Also this poem doesn;t always rhyme so for anyone out there who thinks that's just dumb or I was lazy, I wasn't, not all poetry needs to rhyme perfectly, the paragraph that speaks of her hair and the sky and all has plenty of rhymes even if they don't all make a perfect link. And yes the first paragraph speaks of a friend and that part, like all the rest, is true. Thanks again everyone.]

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