The Story That Does Not Exist

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The moment I saw it I understood everything, I understood why I was born, I understood why I lived, I understood why I died and above all I understood why I will burn forever in Hell

Submitted: January 31, 2015

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Submitted: January 31, 2015



The Story That Does Not Exist


 The story I am about to tell you is not a story that should be told nor is it a story that should be heard. This story does not exist; but please do not misunderstand; I do not mean that it is not real. Words and letters are mankind’s tool to grasp and explain all the things that happen around them but what if they wanted to explain things that were not around them? What if they wanted to explain things that do not exist? What is existence?  

 Let me tell you my story from where I think it began, even though it never began. I will try to put it in a way that you will understand but I know for sure that you will not understand.

I opened my eyes and I saw nothing- not nothing as in an empty room or an empty park nor was it the nothing you see when in a pitch black place or a bright white room. It was nothing; nothing at all, you have probably tried to imagine it but failed to do so but let me ask you a question: have you ever wondered why? Amidst this nothingness I experienced a feeling; a feeling that is unbeknownst to all; a feeling that originated nor from my heart nor from my soul; a feeling of nostalgia; a feeling that I have lived here forever. The feeling of nostalgia was the least of my problems since right in front of me was a creature beyond existence (actually it was not ‘right in front of me’ nor was it anywhere near or far away from me – it was just there as if it occupied everything and nothing within the nothing -including me). Before I continue I would like to clarify something: I am well aware that nothing is the absence of something but if you were there you would know,  if you were there you would undoubtedly know: that that creature was not ‘something’ – nor was it nothing- , to simply put: it was an existence that did not exist; a being that did not be; a creature that did not follow the laws of your universe ; shape, color, smell, sound, light, life nor death could be applied to it. You might have seen it but you would never know, you might have seen it every second of your eighty year long life but you would never know; it did not speak, it did not see, it did not hear and it did not be; it did not exist, but then again what is existence?

 The moment I felt it I understood everything; I understood why I was born, I understood why I lived, I understood why I died and ,above all, I understood why I will, forever, burn in Hell. Pardon me for using the word ‘moment’ but I cannot help it; everything I told you was outside the realm of time; everything you just read happened at the same time; and everything you will read after also happened at the same time. Oh I did it again! The truth is it did not ‘happen’ let alone ‘happen at the same time’, I think it already happened before I realized it; no, let me rephrase it: it was already there before everything happened. I understood what that thing was, I understood why I was here, I understood everything and everything beyond the word ‘everything’ as if a veil that had been obscuring my vision my whole life had been removed; now I can see! Oh if only I could have seen before or if only I can see after.

 I understand everything now; I am dead and alive at the same time. Actually, I am dead twice and alive at the same time; the two deaths are the death before I was born and the death after I live, and since I am outside the realm of time I cannot be only one; in other words, I cannot be dead without being alive nor can I be alive without being dead. You see time is a concept built in our brains. Everything that happened to you in the past, everything that is happening to you in the present and everything that will happen to you in the future is already there! It is your brain that reorganizes it and shows it to you as if it were a recorded movie. So can you imagine what happens when your brain stops reorganizing everything? Well, the one thing that I can say is that you will truly be able to see. I never was (and never will be) a religious person, I did not believe (and never will believe) in the existence of god but now I do believe, but now does not count; now is either too late or too early.


 I, as a lot of people, only believed in the things I could see and the things I could hear; to put it simply, I believed in me,  I believed that the universe is everything and I ‘now’ know that I am wrong. I only explained things that existed. I never considered the things that existed beyond existence. Things that can never be reached through human conclusion.  I understand now: I was arrogant, very arrogant, and that might have been the greatest sin I have ever committed.

 As I stood within the nothingness facing a creature I could not grasp I felt terrified; no, terrified is not the word that can describe this feeling right now but is the closest; the feeling I am experiencing right now is outside of your world (I wonder if it can even be classified as a feeling). If I was not already dead I would have died the moment I saw it; if I was not already dead I would have died the moment I died!

 I now know that our universe is not the only universe.  There are seven universes in total (‘Heavens’ or ‘Skies’ might be a more appropriate term).  Our universe, contrary to popular belief, is not a single universe; our universe is a universe that exists within a universe within a universe within a universe within a universe within a universe within a universe- to each its own law. This ‘creature’ and other things like this creature can enter our universe freely but even if they did we cannot see them because ‘see’ is not a concept in their universe. You would think that if they entered our universe they would follow our universe’s law but that is not the case; our universe is within their universe that is why our universe must abide to their universe’s law, and not only that they enter but they are the ones who execute our laws; time and gravity and all other concepts are their doing ( I do not expect you to understand or imagine this; your universe is your limit; you cannot think of anything outside your universe; no matter how hard you try; no matter how crazy your ideas are, you cannot imagine anything outside this universe -even if I were to explain it to you) and the same thing can be said about the second universe’s law: the second universe’s law itself is executed by the third universe’s law and so on until we reach the seventh universe’s law. The seventh universe’s law is directly executed by the one and only creator; God.  

 I can only guess what this ‘creature’ really is but I do know one thing: it is made of light, but not the same light you and I know, this light is significantly different; it is a light we can only see when we die or before we are born; it is a light of infinity wave length; and so I now know that this creature is what I used to call ‘angel’. Oh how shortsighted was I? I always thought an angel was a white creature with wings, but this thing is infinitely beyond this! And now as I face its glory if you would ask me right now what the thing I most regret in my whole life is then I would say that it is my insulting imagination to its greatness! I regret it more than I regret anything in this world! And that made me wonder what would happen when I face God.

 And so I am writing this story outside the realm of time; I am writing this story before I am and after I become; I am writing this story as I am celebrating my fourth birthday with my family right now; I am writing this story as I am getting married to my lovely wife right now; I am writing this story as I am being cremated after dying from a stroke which I am also having right now. I am also writing this story as I am standing ‘in front’ of the angel right now who is also carrying me to the third universe right now. And now I wonder what would happen to my story if I was in the third universe instead of the second? Would I meet an angel that is even more terrifying than this angel? Would I understand everything within this universe? Would I relive another life only to suffer an equivalent fate?  Would I exist outside the realm of outside of time? Well there is one thing I know for sure, and that is when I reach the seventh heaven all that is waiting for me is eternal Hell; Hell that can never be described. In it I will experience torture that is not familiar in all the six heavens combined. Hell in which I neither can live nor can I die.


















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