Fading away? or Here to stay?

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A young women was driving home from work when a drunk driver hit her so hard she rolled off the road, she was pinned between a tree and the car that ran her off the road. The drunk driver was dead killed on impact. Monica was lucky to be alive! Monica Green meets a young Doctor. Joseph Green who just happen to have the same last name! After Dr.Green saves Monica they begen to talk and soon they fall in love and have a family.

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013



Fading away? or Here to stay? By, Shae1429 2-11-13


I woke up and all I see is a blinding white lite, I feel an overwhelming agonizing pain all over. I hear cries and I cant move! I feel my body become lite as if I'm flying. Then I hear a crash! followed by an everlasting pure silence, entill I hear "She wont make it!".... Everything froze, I felt sad and alone. I listened just so I could see if I could hear anything else. "Lets get her into the OR stat!" I then felt a quick wave of panic flush over me, everything became so still I felt like everyone and everything was holding thier breath, I stood there sobing as memories pass through my mind all at once. I then felt my body being shocked, thats when reality hit me hard. I now knew I was fading away! I began to question everything, Will anyone care? Or even miss me? I dont have kids, a husband, friends, not even a boyfriend! I have amaginary friends, parents, and pets does that count? Because thats ALL I got! All I could say was "face it! now your done for Monica! I'm fading away!" I felt pain criple my deffencelous body, I could'nt move or cry out! No one would hear me anyway! I woke up finally! I saw people standing over me, staring, just waiting for something. I just smiled I'm here to stay!" I said aloud to myself. It made one of the nurses smile, I slowly stoped smiling and closed my eyes again. I faded away!

Now I hear "Stay with us miss, please stay with us!" The doctor pleaded. I woke up and once again people are standing over me but this time I felt numb, I can move......almost everything I could'nt move my legs. "I'm here to stay" I said with a smile, "I guess I wont fade away for awhile after all." I said the doctor smiled "Thats right Ms. Green not for awhile, welcome back." The doctor said, "Who are you?" I asked the doctor "My name is Doctor Green" he replied "Are we related?" I asked "No I already checked." Dr. Green replied. I smiled "What a day" the nurse said. Dr. Green and I began to talk everyday since the car accident do to a D.U.I. After two months of tharapy and dating with Doctor Green. Joseph and I got married shortly after, who would of thought. My husband Joseph Green jokes with family, friends, patients and the poeple that we work with about how we met. He would say "Yeah I save a young womens life and in return we get married, thats a great way to thank me. " It always makes me laugh after three years of marrige we got two buns in the oven, a boy named Joseph Michael Green Jr. and a girl named Josephean Micheal Green. We love each other so much! I'm walking and running after our babies everyday! Joseph is currently working at the same hospital. We laugh, fight, cry and more importantly love each other!

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