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By, Shae Kamerer
An older sister is left home alone with her younger siblings, her parents are out running errands when an F7 tornado entrudes on thier beloved home, now the older sister has to protect her little siblings while preying that her parents return alive!

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



By, Shae Kamerer

As the tree's blew in the monsteress storm, I heard the windows shatter all over the house, and the walls begin to give out, I could hear the harsh rain pounding on the wooden roof. I knew I needed to get us all safley down stairs. I could hear my baby sister Jeann crying, and my baby brother Timothy was screaming in terror. Mom and dad had left to go to the store, I knew they were still out there, but what could I do? I had to stay with my siblings for there safty, no matter how scared I was. When I looked down I saw little Jeann covering her little ears. Her white long hair blowing wildly all around her. Her breath-taking, intence, striking ice blue eyes looked up at me with fear, I touched her tiny face and gave her a gentle smile. I looked down to my left and in my arms was my little brother Timothy. Timothy was now one month old. His short curly black hair blew in the harsh wind, his green tearful eyes looked up at me, I kissed him on his head, got up and took my sister Jeann by the hand kept her behind me, since as we walked down the long hallway everything blew towards us. I turned into the family room, walked straight into the room grabed my brothers stroler and gently laid him in. I looked at my four yr. old sister and walked them down the long hall. I relized we wernt going to make it down stairs.
so I turned into the first bathroom that we came to, I looked in and I saw there was glass all over the floor, the window, the mirror, and all the decorated China was scatterd all over the floor. The tea colored walls where scraped and empailed by flying objects. When I looked up at the ceiling it was cracked and water was pooring down. When I looked back at my sister she gave me a worried look I turned around and relized I was soaked and my long straight brown hair was dripping wet. I staired at her a long moment, her once straight hair was waving and matting up. I was so cought up with random thoughts, and, what are we going to do now, thoughts, I never relized what was going on, when I finaly snapped out of it, Jeann was screaming, and, crying for me to snap out of it, Timothy was screaming and, crying, to the point he was sniffaling.

He was crying to the point he was'nt breathing. While I looked around, Out of no where we heard this big crash I grabed Jeann's hand found the nearest closet pushed her in there and put Timothy in her arms. After I told her to stay there I ran to see what it was, the whole floor starting from the middle of the hallway, to the end of the hall, where the stairs
were. The floor caved in now we had no where to go. when I saw the window just a head I noticed the Tornado heading straight for us. I felt the wind and everything eles it had to offer, I relized this was an F7 Tornado, I saw the dust swirling around the Tornado, the quick flashes of lightning, the roaring thunder. and the abusive winds. In Hindsight, it does add up, from the real bad hail storm, we had. It started at eleven in the morning, on the news, there was a weather warning, everyone was told to stay inside, and not to go out for any reason. The hail storm did not end intell well five
miutes ago when this all started. All I know is after the hail storm slowly resited, the winds stayed and so did the rain, the thunder and lightning. then the F7 Tornado. I ran back to my still screaming brother and crying sister, I grabed my sisters hand went into a small room, grabed some pillows,blankets. After that I ran to the bathroom laid the blanckets and pillows down, ran back to the room grabed a queen sized matress. I draged it all the way back to the bathroom, and crawled into the bathtub with my brother and sister, laid the matress over us. I got my brother and sister to calm down.

~Writers note~ This is only a sneak peak, and its unedited.

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