Celebrities Can Be Awesome...

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Celebs aren't all bitches; some out there are actually quite...awesome.

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Chris Brown Edition

Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012




Hey guys! Shaekira here and I just wanted to start getting the word out about people in general. This article may be called “Celebrities Can Be Awesome…” but it can be about anyone. Anyone can be a celebrity. And this in my way of getting word out, showing my interests, and just having fun with any fans. Mine or theirs.


Chris Brown:


Currently one of the biggest artists out there, Chris Brown is also the most down to earth guy I’ve ever heard of. I’ve never met him, and even I don’t see it coming anytime soon, but from what I’ve seen, he’s a great guy. People keep bringing up the Rihanna incident in 2009, but if Rihanna can forgive him and get back together with him, then what makes people think that they can’t? You don’t even know they guy. And to be honest I have this sixth sense that really makes me the odd ball in the family. I can feel a person emotions sometimes. Its like it radiates off of a person, and I can just feel it in my gut. It also applies to whether a person has good intentions or not. Maybe that’s why even when the incident with Rihanna broke out I didn’t hate Chris. He’s just amazing in what he does. He’s funny, even when he’s not high, and he’s just really focused on his fans. He want’s to make his fans happy, he wants to please them in the best way he can, and some people aren’t making that easy for him. I say f*ck it. Chris is the best out there, and though he may not think so, he is.

Out of random I went on YouTube and watched a few videos of him. The most raging one is the between Chris and Drake. They fought over Rihanna. And I know Chris wasn’t a fault. I’m sorry, I love Drake to pieces, and I know he’s a real rapper, but sorry dear, I know Chris doesn’t play when it comes to Rihanna. I have the slight feeling that Chris is very protective of Rihanna, and that (just spit-balling here) some of his latest song are Rihanna-inspired. Hm? And I think Rihanna should have been clearly off-limits for Drake. Chris wouldn’t fight Drake for no reason, even if drunk (possibly). And I know he doesn’t like her just because of her sexuality, or anything that has to do with her body. Something about Robyn Fenty is worth it all.

Good luck Chris, and keep doing what you do.

Chris Hilarious Vids:

Chris and Fans Performing Yeah 3x:



Chris Acting Like  A Crazed Fan Toward Tyga:


Chris Answering Fan Questions:



Chris Brown and Kevin Hart (Oh Jesus, this is hilarious):



When I Was 17 with Chris Brown (what the hell? Lol)


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