Young Life

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Years ago, there was a young girl named Kate who was bright, and just ravishing. She was the only child of her parents. Kate was named after a young princess of Prince Williams. Kate always had a crush on a guy named Justin and he liked her back but they both didn't know that they both liked each other back. Kate and Justin were like close best friends and asked each other "Who do you like?" but, none of them told.

Now read this story and find out, what happens next!


Years ago there was a young girl, who wined about not having any toys. Young Girl was named after Kate a beautiful, princess of Prince Williams in England, United Kingdom. Kate always imagined herself being a princess just like the princess she was named after. The young girl asked her parents “why did you name me after Princess Kate?” Her parents told her “Honey, when you were born you were so glamorous, you were smiling like an angel, you looked like God had sent us an angel grinning and laughing with her mouth open. Feeling all the happiness no one has ever felt. Your eyes looked shinny and green like fair, won’t ever touch you, full of hope and merriment. You are the best thing that ever happened in our lives, even if we thank God 24/7, every minute, every second, of our lives it won’t ever be enough.” Kate was born in a middle class family. Both of Kate’s parents worked A LOT to earn money, to buy cloths and to fulfill the dreams of their young enchanting daughter.


Kate’s mom (Taylor) always read stories to Kate and told Kate about her own young life. The little girl asked her mom that. “Mum why do all my friends have an ipad and I don’t?” Taylor said, “Sweetheart, you don’t have an ipad because your dad and I want you to be active and play outside rather then being fat and lazy.” Kate knew that, her parents loved her more then any other parents loved their daughter. Kate was blessed with remarkable and caring parents who only cared and loved their young gorgeous daughter more then anything they’d have ever loved. Kate’s father (Austin) told the little princess good night stories every night, without those funny stories she was told by her dad Kate wouldn’t fall asleep. There had never been a day that had past without telling Kate a good night story.


Kate was in third grade in The Stephenson Johnson Elementary School. Kate was an honor role student. She was the most brilliant, bright, talented, and the most ravishing kid in her class. Words couldn’t even describe how intelligent and how glamorous she was. Every boy and girl wanted to be Kate’s friend just because she was the smartest and the most gorgeous girl in her class. Some 3rd graders thought Kate was their idol. Her math was like a calculator she could add, subtract multiply and divide in her mind with huge numbers like (93+5,698+3,874= 9,665), (99,873-43,539= 56,334), (533x75= 39,975) (144 divided by 9= 16) and many more. Kate could write speeches do some creative writing with unique vocabulary words, her vocabulary was like a dictionary. Most teachers in Stephenson Johnson Elementary loved Kate, they use to giggle when she’d make them laugh in the staff room. No, students were allowed in the staff room but Kate was never kicked out, teachers loved the way she described something loved the way she’d talk, do math mentally, use big words like the kids in high school in 12’th grade, had to study for their SAT and do anything that was just astonishing. Kate’s class mates always visualize themselves playing with Kate outside in the playground, but, Kate mostly stayed inside talking to teachers or if there was any remedial for any of her classes she stood inside or the last reason was if she needed some answers about things she’d wanted to learn or know about, she would ask her favorite teacher, Mr. Caleb. Mr. Caleb was Kate’s homeroom teacher and her English teacher. Kate loved to read and write she wanted to write her own story but, she also wanted to be an all around known doctor that could help the poor.


Kate didn’t have many toys but she did have the best, cloths and shoes anybody would have. Taylor always shopped for Kate every time she got paid, the first thing she did was go to the mall and by the kids magazine and then buy cute dresses, shirts and shorts, just the way Kate liked her cloths to be. Everyone admired what she would wear everyday. Some kids in the school thought Kate was born in a classy rich, family and that was the reason why she wore such beautiful cloths. Kate got snacks the way she liked her snacks to be. Austin always went to the grocery store on Saturdays after work or sometimes with Taylor and Kate on Sundays. Kate always got her chocolate chip cookies, cheese strings, the chocolate fudge brownies, and green apples filled in chocolate. She also got some waffles and pancakes for breakfast with strawberry, nutella, maple syrup and milk. Kate ate a lot but also did yoga and played a lot and she was still so skinny and elegant. The young princess wanted a brother, so she could play with him but her parents always told her that “Darling, if you would have a brother, he would hit you and be annoying, cry all the time and then you won’t have any toys he would take away all your birthday gifts and make them his.” Kate thought and thought if she was still lucky that she didn’t have any sibling. After all Kate was really lucky and an outstanding kid whom her parents loved. Kate once thought that if she had a brother she wouldn’t have any attention, she wouldn’t have any good cloths, the snacks, she’d like so she told her parents she was okay with not having a younger sibling. Kate loved playing with babies so her mom dropped her of at the daycare sometimes or took her to Aunt Naomi’s house. Aunt Naomi was Austin’s sister and she had a baby boy named Mike. Kate loved playing with Mike making him laugh giving candy to Mike, was something she doted doing. Naomi was Austin’s younger sister.  Naomi only was 2 months younger then Austin.


Kate spent most of her summer vacation at her aunt’s house.

Kate’s cousin

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Body: chubby

Face: Round shaped
Nickname: Mickey


Mike and Kate’s parents always went out to beaches, road trips and camping together. The young boy was also an only kid of his parents.

He was an insightful kid and engaging. He loved to play soccer, and basketball. Mickey spent most of his time outside playing. Naomi and her husband (Steve) had a cute white colored puppy named Danny. Mike loved Danny he spent most of his day’s playing fetch fetch with Danny with his soccer ball. Mike and his dad (Steve) took Danny out for walk in the evening everyday at 6:00 or sometimes later then that. Mike patted Danny when he got the ball back to him. Steve was a basketball player in London, United Kingdom. Mike was in 1st grade. He loved swimming he was only 5 and he could swim faster then a 5th grader. He loved sports, his whole life was sports, sports and only sports. The kid was talkative his best quality was that he was a good listener and a good talker.


A while ago Kate and Mike went to Spain by train with their family. Mike and Kate played with Mike’s new Nintendo DSI. Kate asked her dad “ Daddy can I please have a Nintendo DSI?” Kate’s dad said “Honey buns, sure you can. You can have anything you want.” Kate was so gleeful that her dad was going to buy her a Nintendo DSI. Kate had promised her dad she would only spent only 30 minutes-1 hour playing games on her Nintendo and the other time she would go out and play. Kate was further then exceptionally blissful. She never had a gift like a Nintendo DS. Kate’s birthday was in 23 days and she couldn’t wait for her birthday. Everyday she prayed and said, “Oh  God please make the days pass quick.” When 10 days were left Kate’s days starting passing really fast. The days were shorter and the nights were longer. Kate was so happy that there were only 3 days left to her birthday. Kate’s parents were out trying to decide what kind of birthday gift should they get Kate. Taylor and Austin got Kate 2 gifts one from her mom and one from her dad. Kate’s dad got her a Nintendo DSI and Taylor got Kate a mini white colored ipad. They both got the gifts packed and sent the cards to all the relatives and to Kate’s friends and his teacher Mr. Caleb for her surprise birthday party. Two days were still left for Kate’s 9th birthday party. Kate was all thrilled that her birthday was coming up and she couldn’t wait any more for the forty-two hours that were still left.


After twenty-two hours, it was Saturday. Three/Fourth of the school came to Kate Austin’s 9th birthday party. Kate got so many gifts and she was so delighted that the thanks to her parents would never be enough. Kate thanked her parents more then fifty times. Kate’s surprise birthday party might have been the best party in London. The young girls dad (Austin) booked an ice cream truck, cotton candy maker, popcorn maker, a jumping castle, a castle slide, a puppet show, a magician, a silky slack race, racecars, and a great catering by an English restaurant. Kate never celebrated her birthday with her friends or ever called her friends over. The cost for all of these things he booked was about £ 2,800 but Austin thought it was worth it. Austin’s wife Taylor asked “Austin, why all this? Isn’t this expensive” Austin said “No, if my daughter is buoyant and having an extraordinary time then I’d do this every day to make her cheerful and to make her eyes look like she has nothing to worry about.” Everyone brought a gift for Kate or either £50. About 650 kids were at Kate’s birthday. The young princess was one of the most popular kids in her school. Her teacher Mr. Caleb was also invited to the birthday and he came. How could anybody miss Kate’s birthday? Kate was really astonished when her parent amazed her with the birthday party she thought only happened in dreams. Kids who weren’t even invited came to the little princesses birthday party. She was glad that people loved her so much. Justin was even at the party who was the guy Kate had a huge crush on since she was in second grade. Justin tried his best to keep it a secret but it was obvious that he liked Kate back and nobody knew that Kate liked him back. Kate’s friends Sophia, Essex, Charlotte, Maisie, Jemima, Crawford, Brendon, and Josh were also there. Kate got so many toys like someone gave a crown, a jewelry box, a dress, many doll houses, many Barbie cars, dolls, dolls with a car, dancing mat, yoga mat, gift cards, secret diaries, headphones, iPods, a magic wound, watches, bags, posters, fluffy stuff toys, playing phones, playing laptops, money boxes, candies, tennis ball with a racket, skaters, and many more things if you’d write those things down it would take three pages and its just the waste of time. Kate had all kind of toys she imagined.


Kate was so happy that she had everything she wanted. Kate had so many books now that her whole bookshelf was filled with all kind of books. When she woke up she took a shower in her new bubbles balloons shower cabin. She read two books on her new couch and drank water from her water bottle. After she finished two of her books she went to the kitchen and ate her lunch and then asked her mom “Mum can I please go out and play on the swings I read my book and had lunch to.” Taylor responded “Yes, sugar you can.” Kate’s parents were watching a TV show so she went out to play on the swings. Austin called, his sister Naomi and appealed her to come over “Hi, sis come over Kate is bored so bring Mike or just drop him off, if you and Steve are busy and don’t forget to bring a pair of cloths” Kate thought for a minute and said “Yeah, absolutely we will be there in about 10-15 minutes and okay sure” Naomi told Steve “Hon, Austin called and he requested that we should go to his place because Kate is bored and its Sunday and we all are bored and grab a pair of extra cloths.” Steve’s family left for Austin’s place. When Naomi, Mike and Steve arrived they all had a water fight outside in the backyard they all were wet, full of mud and it was a marvelous weather outside. When the water fight was over Kate thanked her dad once again for caring about her and her feelings too much. Austin responded “Kate, you are my little angel, if I won’t care about how you feel then who would? Your mom and I love you so much! You are the kind of the kid every parent wants and we blessed are so much that we have a daughter like you. We don’t want anything else except seeing you laugh and grinning all the time.” Kate was so joyful, so she hugged her dad and kissed her mom on the cheek and told her parents “I  could ask for no more because I’ve everything any daughter or any son would have wanted. Every kid wants loving and caring parents and that’s something I am sanctified with, its all any kid would  wanted. I am here because of you without you both I am nothing.” Kate was a young girl who never fought with anyone, she only cared about her family and herself. She didn’t put her tong in others problems, she kept her mouth shut.


Five Years Later, the young girl was not young anymore she was finally a teenager. Her life was still exemplary and kids still wanted to be her. Kate was still slim, dazzling and ravishing. She was the best-dressed girl in school, also the brightest kid in her school. Kate was in a middle school now, she was in 8th grade. There were only two months left for her to graduate from Ruth Jonathan Middle School. Kate was growing up and was growing through puberty, as we all know when you are growing through puberty its just GROSS you just want to die at the moment when you grow those pubic hair. Kate still had a crush on a guy name Justin and they both sometimes, giggled and they flirted a lot. Justin, tried to ask Kate out sometimes but he failed because when he went up to her she was with this guy (Brendon) who everybody thought she liked but they were just friends. Kate shared everything with her dad, she told him everything. Austin also knew that his young princess was so in love with Justin. Kate couldn’t ever share her feelings with her mom (Taylor) once she tried and what came up was “Hey mum, I am back from school. How are you doing?” Her mom responded “ Hon, I am in the kitchen making some chicken salad and chicken burgers for lunch and I am very well.” Kate went running to the kitchen “Mum, I really want to tell you something, can we talk?” Her mom responded back “Honey, sure but I am making burgers but what about some other time.”

Kate said “Okay!” but never bought it up again. Her mum kept asking her what she wanted to talk about but she always said nothing its okay now. Kate’s dad, Austin was a great listener and also was good at giving advices. Austin once told his stunning daughter “ You should wait till high school to share your feelings with that young boy you like and that’s what your mom and I did we waited to tell each other how we felt about each other since Middle School.” Kate was petrified when her dad told her about how her mom and dad felt that heartbeat for each other. Kate, could just tell that the reason why wouldn’t this crushing situation wouldn’t leave her a lone. The one reason was because that happened to her parents to and their parent’s to it was something her whole family went through while growing up. Kate told her self that it really was not a big of a deal if she was crushing on Justin since she was 6 it was just okay.


A year later Kate was in High school in 9th grade. Kate and Justin were in the same class. They both were great friends shared everything and when either of them asked tell “who do you like” the other one said “No one” or they would say “No you tell first” then they both just quitted and said okay don’t tell. The awkward thing between those two was that they both liked each other back and never told, the way they felt.


After two long years they both went through a lot. Kate was still single never dated anyone even though most guys asked her out but she said “Sorry, I am not the one for you.” Kate waited for Justin to ask her out for the rest of the high school years left but Justin wanted Kate to make the first gesture so Justin just thought of moving on and dated a really pretty girl but not more glamorous then Kate, the girl, he had been crushing on for ten years. Justin started dating Eleanor who was a year younger then Justin and Kate. Kate was really agitated when she was told that Justin started dating Eleanor. Kate started to go through depression and told her dad that her nine years crush on Justin wasn’t worth it. Kate started to act demented and she started to take physical therapy, it didn’t help her a lot. Kate started taking drugs to get over depression. The young princess wasn’t a kid any more she was 16 and in love. The advice her dad told her was definitely wrong because the guy she was crushing on for years moved on. Kate even started to skip school. Her grades started to go down and she couldn’t catch up with all the class work. All she did was cry and cry. Kate’s mom was really upset about her daughter’s behavior. Whenever Kate went to school she had her eyes red and cheeks all red like she cried for weeks. The guidance councilor even tried to know, what was going on in Kate’s life. Kate’s teachers were stunned and knew something was wrong. A girl that had always been the best student in the whole school since she was in elementary was blowing out. Her teachers called Kate’s home and told Naomi and Austin “Hello, Kate hasn’t been doing well in school. She always used to get A’s and now her grades are going down to B’s and she worked really hard since she was in kindergarten to get in to Princeton. We think she is going to some kind of break up or is trying to get over someone.” Kate’s parents didn’t ever expect this from their one and only magnificence ravishing daughter, who was never told to study or even told that she wasn’t doing well in school. Princeton, a university Kate dreamt of going to and finding her young prince. Kate’s friends didn’t know why Kate looked so dead like her life was over. Justin talked to Kate but never asked, why do you look like you cry day and night? Justin mostly talked about how spectacular his girlfriend was. Kate always started a different conversation like, “Do you want to study for the upcoming test after school? I am bored let’s go out to some fun place?” Justin always said “okay” and thought if the girl he was crushing on since eleven years, actually liked him back? Justin told Kate about the party at Charlotte’s place and how all the eleventh graders were going and the tenth graders weren’t invited and so weren’t the ninth graders. Kate thought that it might actually make everything right between Justin and her so she said “Yeahh, sure what time?” Justin responded “Umm, I think it starts at 7:30 and ends at like 9:00 or 10:00.”


The next day, they both took a shower and dressed up good. Justin wore his skinny dark blue jeans with a buttoned shirt. Kate wore her lose beggy shirt with inkiest blue torn shorts. Justin picked Kate up from her house in his new BMW. Kate said “Justin, if you ditch me at the party, I swear I’ll kill you.” Justin started laughing “hahaha really, all of your friends will be there but still don’t worry we’ll hang out together.” Kate smiled and hugged Justin really hard. They both felt each other’s heart beating really fast. Justin asked “Kate why is your heart beating really fast, everything is okay right?” She responded “Really my heart is beating really fast? You felt my heart beating fast, was the hug that long” Justin commented “Umm-Yeah, I guess it was.” It was just that awkward moment between them both. Justin thought of telling Kate something because all he could think of in the car was why was her heart beating maybe she liked me back. Justin suddenly said “Kate, I really wanted to tell you something since a long time but was never so brave enough.” Kate was astonished by the “ since a long time but was never so brave enough” Kate then said me to. Justin, said “You first” Kate said “I never dated a guy and almost every guy asked me out but the guy I have always waited for to ask me out never asked me out, and that’s the reason why I am depressed these days, next year we are going to graduate and then university we all are going to go to different parts of the world.” Justin, asked “Who is that guy, you have been crushing on since years and you decline everyone’s proposal, is that guy that cute? Does he even deserve you because if he really did like you he would ask you out like look at you, you are amazingly marvelous, ravishing, bright, beguiling, thin-figure, your eyes- when you stare in those eyes it feels like you are just safe no one can ever hurt you. Those lips, when you smile you look charming, delightful, ravishing or you could say elegant who wouldn’t want to kiss those lips. Your hair the first time I tied your hair in to a pony tail I fell in love with your hair they are so heavy and brown with a mixture of red and black. If someone sleeps and holds your hair while sleeping that person’s sleep would be the best sleep ever. Kate, I know you since we are like two, the guy you are crushing on is stupid that he hadn’t asked you out yet because you are simply beautiful just look at the figure you have your beautiful soft legs. I have never seen such a prepossessing angel ever. You are gorgeous. I tried my best to ask you out but wasn’t brave enough. I waited for you to tell me that you liked me and so, I always asked you tell me, who you liked? Then mostly our conversation turned in to studies. It was so funny. Does anybody know who you like, because I have been dying to know who is that lucky attractive guy? Yes, Kate it’s true I have been crushing on you since we were in first grade and that small young crush turned in to love now. I started dating Eleanor so I could move on because I had a feeling that you never liked me and won’t ever like a guy like me, you should have a prince not just a normal guy a princess needs a prince. Kate had tears in her eyes and she hugged Justin so hard that Justin thought he made a huge mistake of telling his eleven years crush that he had crush on her and how he felt. Kate whispered in Justin’s ears “the guy who I always had a crush on was always you since third grade. I cried a lot because when you started dating Eleanor I felt jealous of her that she was so lucky that she had a guy like you and I didn’t.” Justin said “Oh my God really? I wish this talk happened in 5th grade or in middle school. I always thought you liked Brendon and that’s what everybody thought” Kate responded “hahaha, Brendon was just like a best friend to me and he had a crush on Samantha since like middle school but Samantha liked Jim so it didn’t work between them both. Well it a good thing that we finally told each other because I am already regretting that I should have had told you  along time ago but just was afraid about losing our friendship. I love you, Justin I always have loved you and I always will I promise I won’t ever break your heart.”


On Monday, Justin went up to Eleanor, and told her “El you are young for me and I have been crushing on Kate since…since, Kate and I were in first grade and it turns out that we both have been crushing on each other since elementary and I just asked you out because I want a loving serious relationship which could help me move on but now, I don’t need to move on because we both love each other and waited a long time. I am sorry I am not the right guy for you.” Eleanor replied back “Yeah I have been crushing on a really attractive guy since a long time but don’t know if he likes me back and I said yes because I wanted a serious relationship that would let me to move on so I am sorry too but we both can still be friends.”


Every guy in school was jealous of Justin that he was the one for Kate the most glamorous girl anybody would have had met. Kate and Justin was the best couple at school. Justin won Prom King and Kate won Prom Queen. They both were soul mates and went to Princeton together it was really astonishing for everyone to know that they both got in a university that only accepted 2,000 kids from about 50,000 kids each year were accepted to Princeton.


Ten years after university Kate and Justin were officially married. Kate became a doctor and fulfilled her dream of helping the poor and Justin became an engineer and fulfilled his dream of making a robot that could do everything for him like drive the car, cook, wash dishes or clean the house, basically do everything. They both lived a great life and visited different parts of the world together. Kate and Justin had two kids. They both were twins and one a boy and one one was a girl and that’s how Kate’s family was completed and they lived happy ever after.



Submitted: July 23, 2013

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This was a cute short story! The only complaint I have is the format, it is very confusing because you have several large paragraphs. I think you should break up the dialouge a bit more. Technically every time someone new speaks it should be a new paragraph. But this was a cute story & I enjoyed it!

Wed, July 24th, 2013 12:54am


Thank you. Hoping to read your stories too!

Wed, July 24th, 2013 2:36pm

Whine Bigo

This is a very good story.
actually, i don't have an experience but i can't beleive u were able to write a harmonious story like that!!!
U r gonna be "Charles Dickens" i guess .
Bless ya

Wed, July 24th, 2013 2:19am


Haha, thank you. :) I am sure if you ever try writing you will write a great story. This was to much thank you again. :)

Wed, July 24th, 2013 2:36pm


This is a nice piece :3. Maybe you would want to break up the paragraphs more and add new lines for when people are speaking. That would make this story even more appealing for the readers. But it was adorable and i loved it.

Wed, July 24th, 2013 2:32am


Thank you so much. Yes, i will definitely make the paragraphs small in my next writing. Thank you I will read your writing too. :)

Wed, July 24th, 2013 2:34pm


I just started reading your story. It sounds good! How old are you? You look like you are about twelve to fourteen! Good writing! Keep it up! I also like that you have many good vocabulary words. May God bless you. Keep it up. :)

Wed, July 24th, 2013 5:56pm


Thank you so much and I am 13. :)

Wed, July 24th, 2013 2:31pm

Logan Lee

I am stunned, WOW! This is a REALLY good story! You are 13, I don't believe it!!!
I also have one complaint about the paragraphs! You should make the paragraphs smaller and always start a new paragraph, when someone else talks!

May God bless you! You can be the best known author all around the world in the next few years! Good job!

Thu, July 25th, 2013 4:08pm


Thank you and yes I'll make the paragraphs smaller in my next writing!

Thu, July 25th, 2013 11:17am


This was pretty good, although the way you have it set up made it really tedious to read. The story itself was interesting, but the paragraphs were so large and the dialouge was pretty far apart. Plus it was really strange that you randomly described Kate, right in the middle of the story. But I feel as though the more you read and practice writing, you can harness your full potential when it comes to poetry and stories. Great job so far.

Thu, July 25th, 2013 9:24pm


Thank You. Yeah, I know the paragraphs are long and I'll try to fix that. :)

Thu, July 25th, 2013 11:16pm

Rose Burg

This was a very good read but I suggest as others have making the paragraphs a bit less bulky. I still liked this a lot though and you seem like a very talented thirteen year old. Keep writing - Rose Burg xx

Sat, July 27th, 2013 12:45am


Thank You! :)

Sat, July 27th, 2013 4:00am

Lady Moon

This was a good story, Guessing you are 12-13 years old?? The only tiny complaint I have is that the layout needs a bit of work maybe? You could try and make the paragraphs a little smaller and maybe try and write in a more chronological order. But it was really good though! Keep writing!

Sun, July 28th, 2013 5:21pm


Thank You, it means a lot. Yes, I am 13. :) Yeah I tried doing it but it wouldn't let me edit it so I will do it in my next writing! :)

Sun, July 28th, 2013 11:39am


As everyone else stated; only complaint are your paragraphs. It can get confusing at times. but overall, your story was very interesting and captivating. I enjoyed reading about kate and justin's life. well done. keep writing strong!

Wed, July 31st, 2013 3:15am


Yeah. Thank You, it really means a lot to me. :)

Wed, July 31st, 2013 6:28am


A Great concept and writing so wonderfully in such a young age (mentioned in your profile) is an achievement. The story flows well. I enjoyed the entire journey of Kate from the start until the end. AWESOME JOB~

Fri, August 2nd, 2013 1:38pm


Thank You so much! It means a lot! :")

Sun, August 4th, 2013 3:07am

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