I Friendship You Always

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

It was time to say so long. Even though I don't completely understand why we had to part, I'm ready to move on - alone - but I'm leaving my heart open, just in case.


When did it start
When did it end
It's hard to move forward 
When you don't know when
The love just got up
and walked out the door
The cloud nine you rode
Dropped your heart to the floor
The phone calls stopped coming
The text messages ceased
The time that we spent together
Felt borrowed or leased
'I love you' was spoken
From only one mouth
One piece of the partnership
Had definitely gone south
Kisses were hesitant
Boring and tame
So different from the beginning
When they ignited a flame
Compliments were often
Heartfelt and true
Now nothing, just silence
Exchanged by us two
Strained friendships and conversations
As people chose sides
Believing a side of the story
As if they lived inside
Our life and our love
That we were both proud of
Felt more like a dead weight
That you were eager to get rid of
A relationship that once held promise
Now shrouded in doubt
Nothing left to be said
When someone wants to get out
We have to be honest
Take a hard look within
And realize that the answer
Is right where it began
And no matter how happy 
We appeared to the crowd
It was inevitable that one day
We'd have to face our storm cloud
Go back to the beginning
And how it all started
Fast forward to the end
And have no regrets that we've parted
Good bye is forever
so let's just say so long
I friendship you always
And know our love wasn't wrong
And maybe one day in our future
When you've sorted out your heart
We can meet in the middle
And find that fresh start.
for OS022413

Submitted: March 06, 2013

© Copyright 2020 ShaeydzofBlue. All rights reserved.

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