Small World: Chapter 9

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This chapter features Adam.

Submitted: February 12, 2015

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Submitted: February 12, 2015



Adam: Spinning My Wheels

Hit it bitch.

“Fine,” Dan replies, as he takes the long Tiger-striped bong from me.

“What do I have to do again?” he asks in an embarrassed tone.

I look at him like he’s the biggest pussy I’ve ever seen.

“It’s simple numb nuts, just light the bowl and suck it in,” I reply.

I watch as Dan struggles to light the lighter, then proceeds to suck as hard as he can. Ouch, that’s not going to end well.

He begins to cough uncontrollably as he swallows the smoke, and a massive grey cloud comes flying out of his mouth, as well as a lot of spit, and maybe even a little bit of puke.

“You take it like a bitch!” I yell at him, and then begin to laugh hysterically.

“Fuck you,” he replies between coughs.

I laugh some more then tell him I’m just kidding, and that in about twenty seconds he would be thanking me.

We start playing some NBA 2K14. He picks the Lakers and I pick the Raptors. He picked the Lakers because he knows shit all about basketball. If he knew anything he would know that the Lakers suck this year and that Kobe is injured. He is injured in the game too since it has frequent roster updates to mirror reality as much as possible, which means I am going to fucking destroy him, and make him feel like even more of a bitch since he thinks the Raptors suck.

We get about halfway through the second quarter and I’m up on him by twenty-five when we hear someone in the apartment beside us frantically yell and scream.

I press mute on the TV and look over at Dan who looks scared shitless.

“Did you hear that man?” he asks.

“Yeah, it sounded like Jason next door.”

We hear more screaming and a lot of banging.

“Let’s go check on him and see what’s up,” I say.

“Man, I’m not leaving this apartment,” he says.

“What the fuck man, what if he’s having a heart attack or something!” I respond.

“I just can’t. I’m too high man, I’m not going out there,” he replies.

What a fucking pussy! I don’t care if it’s his first time or not, he’s being such a little bitch about it.

“Fine, I’ll go check myself”.

“Ok man, I’ll stay here,” he says.

“Yeah, yeah, the bitch is going to stay, I got it.”

I want him to know that I am pissed for him bitching out, so I don’t sugarcoat it.

I leave my apartment and take a couple steps to the right and begin knocking on Jason’s door. I can still hear him yelling and it sounds like he’s struggling, but he won’t respond to me.

I try opening the door but it’s locked.

Shit man, this can’t be good. What if he’s dying or something? Should I call the cops?

Then again, what if he’s just jerking off or something, I’d hate to call a false alarm on that.

Considering my state right now I feel it’s probably not a good idea to be calling the police. I decide that we will continue to play the game on mute and listen closely. If we don’t hear any movement in his apartment for an hour or so, then maybe I will go and get the superintendent and ask him to check on him.

I go back to my apartment to see that Dan has helped himself to a gigantic bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.

“You fuck!” I yell, as I throw a miniature plastic football at him, which knocks the bowl of cereal out of his hands and onto the floor.

“Hey! I was eating that!” he yells back at me, and then starts to giggle for no reason.

“You fucking stoner,” I say as I laugh at him.

He proceeds to pick up the cereal that fell on the floor and put it back in his bowl, and then goes to the fridge and puts more milk in it.

“You’re out of milk… and cereal,” he says.

“I should kill you right now,” I respond.

He stares at me with a huge grin on his face like a kid in a candy store.

“Fuck it, I’ll find something else to eat then,” I say.

“So how’s your neighbour?” he asks.

I stare at him with a smirk.

“He’s probably just jerkin’ it, we’ll keep playing on low volume and if we don’t hear anything from the apartment for awhile I will go get the superintendent to go check on him. For now, I want to continue kicking your ass in this game.”

We finish off the game and I end up winning by forty points, and make sure that I rub it in as much as I can. I let the highlight reel run all the way through, and would constantly show him instant replays anytime I did something good.

I shut the game off and tell Dan to be quiet so we can listen through the wall.

Between the two apartments it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

“I’m going to go get the superintendent, wait here, and don’t eat any more of my food fucker.”

Dan smiles and nods at me.

I run down three flights of stairs to the bottom floor and proceed down to the end of the hall to the superintendent’s room.

I knock loudly three times.

The superintendent is an old Greek guy and he can be a real dick, so I try not to talk to him as much as possible.

After about fifteen seconds he comes to the door and opens it after he looks through the peephole.

“What you want?” he says in a thick Greek accent.

“I heard a struggle next door and it’s been quiet ever since, so I was wondering if maybe you could check it out in case the guy had a heart attack or something,” I explain.

He looks me up and down and scoffs at me then says: “I be there in a minute.”

He slams the door shut in my face.


I walk back upstairs to my apartment when I hear a scream.

Shit! I start to run up the stairs thinking “oh my god someone found him dead!”

When I get to the top of the stairs I begin to laugh as the scream came from a couple of kids down the hall who are shooting each other with water guns. Oh man, get a grip Adam.

I open my door and walk in to see Dan passed out on my couch.

I quietly tiptoe over to where he is sleeping, crouch down beside him and yell as loud as I can into his ear: “GET UP FUCK FACE!”

Dan jumps a foot in the air off the couch and falls down on to the floor.

“What the fuck man?” he yells at me.

I laugh riotously at his reaction.

“Only bitches sleep during the day time you housewife! Be a good housewife and get me a drink.”

Dan pushes the hair out of his face and then does as he is told. He gets off the couch and walks over to the fridge, then grabs a can of Pepsi out of the fridge and starts to walk towards me.

“Hey, what are you doing? I said a drink fuck face, there’s whisky and ice in the freezer, grab yourself one while you’re at it. And make it snappy, the king is thirsty.”

He looks at me with hate but does as I ask of him. Dan is in grade nine and is in the stage of finding himself. I finished grade twelve two years ago and am quite a bit older, so he thinks he’s pretty cool to chill with me even though I flip burgers at MacDonald’s.

He doesn’t judge and he doesn’t ask questions, which is why we get along.

He’s a good kid, but someone’s got to show him what the real world’s like. Nothing is easy, and people don’t treat you with respect unless you earn it.

He pours each of us a drink and sits back down on the couch.

We hear the superintendent outside of Jason’s apartment knocking on the door.

“Hey asshole, open thee door, I know you in there! I coming in,” he says.

Dan and I sit on the couch with our ears against the wall and listen intently.

We hear the jingling of keys as the superintendent unlocks the door.

For an eerie moment it is dead quiet, then all of the sudden we hear a glass-breaking shriek like I’ve never heard in my life and screams from the superintendent.

The superintendent squawks a bunch of nonsense in Greek and I hear him back out of the apartment. I poke my head out the door to see the superintendent running down the hall and Jason chasing him, hot on his tail.

Jason tackles him and continues screaming and hissing as he attacks the superintendent from behind. I hear him screaming for help, so I yell: “Jason, what the fuck are you doing!”

Jason jumps up, spins around, and begins charging at me screaming the entire way. I take a quick look at him and see that his entire torso and right arm look severely bruised or maybe it’s paint or something and that he now has blood on his mouth dripping down to his neck.

I slam my door shut and lock it. Within seconds I can hear Jason outside the door banging and scratching, desperately trying to get in. Dan is right by my side now freaking out.

“What the fuck is going on out there?” he yells over Jason’s shrill screams.

“Shit man, he’s gone fucking crazy, he just attacked the superintendent, then when I yelled his name he came running at me and tried to attack me, but I slammed the door on him and locked it!”

“Holy shit dude!”

I grab the phone and start dialing.

“What are you doing?” Dan asks.

“What the fuck do you think I’m doing? I’m calling the fucking cops!”

Dan looks at me stunned and starts to nod in agreement.

“Yeah man, that’s a good idea. Wait, will we get in trouble for smoking?”

“We have time to hide the stash dipshit, the cops will have bigger things to deal with than a couple of teenagers getting high!”

I dial 9-1-1, explain my situation, and the operator tells me that she is going to try to send a car over, but she can’t be too sure how long it will take because of the storm.

“Lady, he could fucking kill people, send some cops over here now!” I shout at her through the phone.

“Calm down sir, officers will be there soon. Keep your door locked and don’t let anyone in.”

I hang up the phone.

It is suddenly quiet now outside our door.


We hear more screams from down the hall!

“SHIT! Those kids were playing in the hall!” I shout.

Instinctually I jump up off the couch, grab a baseball bat from the closet, and head for the door.

“Whoa dude where are you going? Did you not hear the girl on the phone? Stay in your house and keep the door locked!”

I look at Dan and explain to him that there are kids out there and we can’t just let him kill them. I open the closet door again and grab one of my dad’s old drivers, hold out both the bat and the club and tell Dan to pick one. He reluctantly chooses the wooden baseball bat.

“You’re coming with me, we need to help them and we need to help them now!”

I look through the peephole and can still hear screams but they sound further away down the hall.

I open the door slowly and peek around the corner both ways.

“Let’s go!” I yell to Dan.

We take off down the hall towards the screams. Twenty feet down the hall I can see that the superintendent is still laying on the ground from when he was attacked before.

We get to him and I roll him over to see blood profusely spilling out onto the carpet floor into a thick crimson puddle from a gaping hole in his neck. He is still alive and is in shock and reaches out for me as I back away from him.

“I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do. I called the police, hold on, they’re coming!”

I grab his hand and put it to his neck.

“Put pressure on it!” I yell to him.

Dan begins to puke in the hallway where we stand at the site of the superintendent.

“Get it together man, come on we gotta get going!”

I grab Dan’s arm and start to pull him down the hall with me.

He fearfully looks back at the bloody superintendent as he attempts to wipe the puke from his mouth with the back of his hand, and then brushes it off onto his pant leg.

We hear more and more screams the closer we get. As we move down the hall we come across two other people who live on the floor who have been brutally killed by Jason.

I do everything in my power not to puke at the site of the half-eaten dead people that lie in a chaotically tranquil heap in the hallway with their eyes open.

We walk down a flight of stairs to find more people who are wounded, but not dead. There is a man who has bite marks on his hand and forearm, a woman who has scratches on her neck, and another man in a suit who has blood on him, but he says it’s not his. He tells us that Jason attacked him like a madman for no reason, and then suddenly ran to attack the other man and his wife. He said they were whistling and yelling for their children as they came down the hall and he thinks that maybe it was the noise that enraged Jason and took the attention off of him.

It is obvious that these people are scared and in shock.

“I called the police, they should be here soon, but it might take longer because of the storm,” I tell them.

“We need to go help those people, I can hear them screaming! If we all take him on at the same time we can stop him, especially with that bat and that club that you guys have,” says the man in the suit.

I look down at the club in my hand, then over to Dan who has the baseball bat.

“Okay, Dan, you go with this couple, and me and this guy in the suit will go down the other flight of stairs. Yell if you need help!”

The man in the suit looks to me and says: “My name is Elijah, and this is Marie and Joe. Joe and Marie are looking for their kids, they said they were playing in the hallway, and when they heard the screams they came out of their apartment and started to look for them, but still have not seen them.”

I look at him and nod my head and quickly say, “I’m Adam, and this is Dan. Now let’s go find those kids!”

Elijah and I take off down the stairs and as we do so I realize that Dan was reluctant to split up, but he did it anyways. It was either split up or give up the bat and I was sure he didn’t want that. He’s manning up; he didn’t even complain this time! Tough love works!

We keep running down the hall of the second floor until we meet up with the others again.

“Nothing on this side,” I say.

“Same here,” says Dan.

“Ok, go back that way, down to the first floor!”

Elijah and I sprint down the hallway and down the next flight of stairs.

Elijah is in front of me and suddenly he stops and puts his hand up to signal to me to be quiet.

At the bottom of the stairs in the stairwell Jason is quietly crouched over in a corner facing the wall with his back to us, still wearing nothing but a pair of cartoon character boxers.

I don’t know what we should do. Last time I said his name and tried to get his attention he ran at me and looked like he wanted to rip my fucking head off.

This time I wasn’t going to give him that chance.

I tap Elijah on the shoulder and gesture that I would go in front of him and quietly go down the stairs and hit Jason with the golf club.

I move down the stairs slowly and try to be as quiet as possible. I am about seven or eight steps away from the bottom of the stairwell when behind me Elijah falls into me and we trip down a couple steps and bang against the railing, which makes a loud iron clanging noise that resonates in the air.

Jason immediately perks up, spins around, and starts shrieking, running towards me up the steps, covered in blood, with the whites of his eyes consumed by darkness. Instinctually, I swing the club as hard as I can and connect it with the side of Jason’s head. I can see the club dent into his skull, and he instantly goes limp, crumbles into a heap, and falls down the rest of the stairs to the bottom where he now lies motionless.

I am panting heavily from the adrenaline in my body after what just happened and can feel the nerves in my face buzzing and tingling. My legs feel a little wobbly, so I lean on the railing. I turn around and look at Elijah who is wide eyed and in utter shock.

“Nice swing!” he shouts to me in a shaky voice.

I timidly begin to walk down the rest of the stairs not taking my eyes off of Jason, when Elijah begins to scream out in horror!

“What?” I ask, surprised at his abrupt outburst.

I look at him and he covers his mouth as he points to the bottom of the stairwell in the corner that Jason was facing. The first thing I see is two small water guns lying on the floor splattered with blood. Following the trail my eyes keep moving upwards towards the corner and I see the bodies of the little girl and little boy from the hallway.

They have been disemboweled and feasted on by this monster.

Elijah turns his head and vomits on the stairs and begins to mumble inarticulately to himself, as he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

I slowly slither down into a sitting position on the bottom stair and put my face into my hands. I hear the door of the first floor stairwell open. Dan yells out, “yeah you got him! Nice job guys!”

I look up at him and watch the emotion in his face transform when he sees the tears rolling down my cheeks.

“What, did you kill him?”

Marie and Joe come in behind him and I jump up on my feet with the intention of moving them out of the stairwell, but it’s too late…

Marie begins to incoherently sob and scream hysterically as she looks to the corner where her dead children lay exposed with their organs torn from their bodies. Joe looks to the corner as well and falls to his knees and starts screaming and crying: “No! Oh God no! No! No! No!

Elijah, Dan, and I stand there silently as the parents weep over the loss of their murdered children.

One thought intrusively penetrates my mind as I sit there quietly on the stairs.

Is there a God? If there is, how could he create such a monster to do something so horrible to such good people? How could he allow something this cruel and sickening to happen to innocent children?

The perpetual cries of Joe and Marie will echo in my ears for all eternity…

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