The moment you understand that a moment is just a concept

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A short paragraph for those who enjoy a little in depth thought. This will definitely get you to think about everything.

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012




It was one surreal Sunday afternoon, careless children laughter heard adrift with gentle splatter of fresh rain on the window. You couldn’t stop staring at your own skewed reflection off the mantel piece as your mind wandered ever so close to sub conscious territory. You have long awaited this part of your life, yet you cannot ignore the unusual, nauseous feeling you have just discovered. Loneliness. Claustration. Everything within nothing. Like a new born baby exposed to the sensations of life, neither good nor bad nor confused. It’s in comparison to being stuck in a limbo whilst in contrast, being as free as the natural order of entropy. The dawning of the realisation of utmost insignificance is at first mesmerizing as you take into account the human belief of success and development and survival which is reinforced with the presumed but obviously appropriate quote “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. You start to wonder if Armstrong did utter that vast yet basic set of words wrongly or wrongly. Yes, we might think in ‘right’ lays success, gratitude, the way forward but if we look at this from an alien perspective, rather than individuals being a burden to society. Isn’t society a burden on Earth? For was it was the mind that fathomed the concept of the mind. Developing ‘rules’ and ‘syntax’ to apparently ‘organise’ or ‘rationalise’ the process of the mind. How can something possibly be done in the wrong manner, when I was it said it was right. So the next time one stumbles across someone informing them that what they have done is not ‘right’, inform them of your way not being the same as another person’s opinion. Because all the factual knowledge in the world is made up of many opinions of the human mind. 

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