Prisoner B-3087

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this a book review of a book I read last year and fell in love with it the story melted my heart and I hope people who read this this more aware of what happened to children I am hoping after u read my book review u r interested In this book please comment below

Submitted: August 28, 2014

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Submitted: August 28, 2014



~~Prisoner B-3087
B-3087 imagine having this tattooed on your arm forever marked by your captors. This is what happened to yanek Gruener and many other people in the holocaust. In 1939-1945 young yanek and 12 million other innocent people from a variety of racial backgrounds were taken from their homes, families and everything they knew and loved. They were forced to work in concentration and death camps. This book explains the life and struggles of yanek aka jakob and his fight to resist the Nazis taking is spirit and identity.
In Krakow Poland 1939 Hitler and the Nazi party was taking Europe by a storm. Jakob (yanek) was 10 when Hitler invaded his home town of Krakow. When the wall of the ghetto went up all the Jews were put in the area. When the deportations started he and his family was deported to concentration camps. Yanek lived in a total of 10 concentration camps. They all were torturous camps with no clean water lack of nutritious food, mean and cruel guards and kapos or prisoners put in charge of another all other prisoner and a single tattoo. B-3087 was tattooed on his arm at birkeneau concentration this moment he realized that he was not jakob yanek or prisoner he was known by a number and not a name. The day the war ended the Americans rescuedthem and took him to an American camp set up for rescued prisoner of war called Munich. There he was reunited with his uncle aunt and cousin. He eventually moved to America and married Ruth. He started a business and is still living in America today.
I loved this book, the story of yanek give the reader’s insight into the life of a Jew during the holocaust. The story of yanek and his will to survive is a great way to inform readers into what the holocaust really was. The holocaust is a hard topic to talk about. Yanek opening up to the public about what he experienced is hopefully just what others need to open up about the same experience.
This book may not be a medal winner but I feel this book deserves one; he fought forfreedom and his identity along with the 12 million other Jews who had an experience with Hitler. Some lost the fight with Hitler but many did not. The victims of this act of genocide will always be in the hearts across the world.

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