'Past mistakes are for your stepping stone'

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'Past mistakes are for your stepping stone' a poem I wrote to convey a message that we as humans, being imperfect would stumble at times in life and would commit mistakes of big or small. That is the general nature of man. Although we are gifted with the capacity to think rationally and act wisely sometimes due various outer as well as inner reasons we go wrong and once we end up making a mistake we may keep on singing the same song and would struggle to come out of the memories of the bad effects we have to go through, but we must realize the fact that once we experience the negative consequences we must surely make sure not to indulge in the same mistakes. The lessons we learn out of our own mistakes should be reason to mold us into good characters and should help us to be very careful of avoiding such once committed mistakes:):):) So let's look upon our mistakes as invaluable lessons to our life:)

Submitted: July 08, 2012

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Submitted: July 08, 2012



'Past mistakes are for your stepping stone' 
by Shaira Iqbal. 

Don’t let mistakes of the past
Dominate your present moments
Let your past happy days last
Yet never treat your past worries like monuments

A new beginning is always there 
In every single day 
If you only care 
You can live in a new way 

We all get stumbled 
It doesn't make your life gets jumbled
Learn from your past mistakes 
Let them be your sun streaks

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