Think Before you Act by Shaira Iqbal

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"Think Before You Act" the title itself shows the vitality of thinking twice before we get into action. When we take time to think wisely before doing anything that comes to mind, very rarely the things may go wrong and there wont be much chances of getting hurt by unpleasant consequences too. Therefore let's always make sure weather any idea that we are going to implement is appropriate and wise that they wont cause any heart breaks or failures in our way.

At times we may tend to act impulsively without analyzing weather what we are going to do is accepted and later once the results we get is not what we were expecting for before doing the action we may go through lot of pain that would sometimes become the very reason for our mental collapse too.

Thereby we should always see our thoughts from
different angles and make sure they would not cause any harm for our reputation and personality.

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012




"Think before you act"
Shaira Iqbal

Hark! Watch out
The thoughts that sprout

Analyze the inner thoughts that speak first
The best actions that’ll follow you next

Act out the drama in your mind
Follow not the devil’s whisper like a blind

Let the wise thoughts rule
The outcome would be so cool

Thoughts absent of rationality
Results in actions of animality

Why should you regret after all
If you think before you fall

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