The Reunion

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A beautiful girl, with her beautiful daughter, had to face a tragedy. The mother had to leave her innocent baby to a stranger. But why? What happened to the baby? Let's find out....

Submitted: January 25, 2015

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Submitted: January 25, 2015



The Reunion

Once there was a beautiful, delicate and young woman named Christine. She had big, dark blue eyes and long, silky, shiny, dark brown and wavy hair. Her hair were one of the attractive features of her beautiful and charming personality. Also she was a good human being, so kind and generous. She used to live with her one & only daughter who had Christine’s eyes and hair due to which she used to look cute more than other babies of her age. The child was only a few months old. Christine was very happy with her child. Still something important was missing in her life. It was her husband who was dead, so there came many hard times in Christine’s life when she found it difficult to take care of herself and the baby. Her only daughter was her life, therefore she used to try hard to keep her baby happy.

One day Christine went to a park carrying her daughter with her. There she met a man carrying gun with him. She got frightened because she knew the man. He was a gangster. Both of them had a conversation. Then the man left but Christine was still frightened even after the man left. She was really upset because of the conversation.

That night, strong wind was blowing. Christine was sleeping. At midnight, she heard the doorbell. She got up to check. When she got close to the door she heard:

"Open the door"

Hearing that harsh and unfriendly voice, she got frightened because it was the voice of the man she had met in the park. She got scared and couldn’t think properly, so she began to wander around thinking of whether she should open the door or not. The man again rang the bell. He tried to hit the door hard as well this time. Christine got upset and so much frightened. Immediately she went to her daughter to pick her up.  When no one opened the door, the man hit the door hard and tried to get in. Seeing that, Christine got confused and dropped the vase by mistake. Hearing the sound the man immediately understood that Christine was not gonna open the door so he broke the door and got into the house. Seeing that Christine left through the back door. The man followed her up.

The famous pool club of the city was full of people having a keen interest in playing pool. A good looking and young guy with light blue eyes, tough & stiff body and blonde hair, named Christopher, was playing with his friend, Rian. Christopher was a gentleman, with strong body but soft heart. He used to be the hero of that club. Everybody there knew that he was a great player. So no one ever tried to challenge him. Only visitors who used to be strangers for that club tried to challenge him but could not break his record.

Right now everyone was calling Christopher’s name to support him in his game against Rian. There was strong wind outside but nobody really noticed the bad weather. When Christopher played the last shot, everyone shouted in excitement because as usual Christopher had won. Suddenly, the wind blew so strong that everyone in the club could hear the scary sound of wind, blowing hard through trees. For a moment, everybody got scared.

Christopher: “Rian, I think I should leave now. I’ve got a meeting tomorrow. I don’t wanna miss it for sure. Besides the weather is getting worse.”

Rian: “Yeah, you’re right. The weather is so scary. You know my grandmother used to say that the weather gets this worse only when someone innocent is in deep trouble.”

Hearing that Christopher saw him for a minute and then smiled but when he left the club he was seriously thinking about what Rian had said.

On the other hand, Christine was running without knowing where she was going. She was just running. She could hear the footsteps of the man following him. The man wanted to kill both of them. Christine knew that she could not save both of their lives because she was getting tired as she was carrying the kid also, besides the man was getting close and close. In-spite of being tired, she kept running because she wanted to save her daughter's life at any cost. When she was passing by a house, she thought of something. Then she moved towards the main door and put her kid down. She didn't know a thing about whose home it was and who used to live there. She was just trying to protect her child.

Christine thought that if she gave away her child to the household of that house then she would be able to save at least her daughter's life. So she put the kid down. She had to leave without her dearest and innocent baby. But she was so sad and frightened about what was going to happen with her and the kid. Thinking that she picked her up again. And snuggled her for the last time. And then she rung the door bell and left with tears in her eyes. Just then Christine saw the man coming. The man was getting close. So Christine began to run as fast as she could.


There was a man on the road heading towards home. It was Christopher. When he saw a woman running towards her, he thought that may be the woman needed some help. Christine came to him and asked for help while crying and shivering with fear. Christopher tried to see the woman's face but it was too dark, also she was wearing hood, therefore he could not see her face properly.


Meanwhile the man with the gun came closer. He pointed his gun towards Christine. Seeing this, Christopher got scared and began to think of what he could do to stop him. He shouted.


Christopher: “Hey! Stop right there. Don’t shoot or I’ll call the cops.”

The man: “Hey you! Don’t get into this matter or I’ll shoot you as well.”


Christopher was trying to see his face in the darkness. He tried to get closer to him gradually. Suddenly, another guy, who seemed to be his partner, came in front of him and punched him tightly. Christopher fell down.


Seeing that Christine thought that she would not be able to get any help, so she began to run again. Now two men were following her. Christopher got up again. Before he could make a move, he heard a gunshot coming from a great distance in that silent & dark night. He immediately understood that the woman had been shot. He felt guilty because he could not help her. He thought that one precious life had been lost because of him. With a li’l hope in his heart, he was about to go and see the girl when he heard a kid, crying. He began to notice the direction from where the sound was coming. He was moving gradually towards the sound. The sound was getting closer. Finally when he reached there and saw the crying kid, he remained shocked.


He was shocked by seeing that the baby was crying at the main door of his house. With the mixed feeling of guilt and amazement, Christopher picked up the kid. Just then he saw a bracelet on the floor beside the kid. The bracelet had a big heart shaped gem in it but the gem was broken into halves. He looked at the floor but didn't find the other half. He picked up the kid and the bracelet and looked here and there but didn't see anyone. Then he entered in.


He was thinking whose kid she must be and what was she doing at the main door of his house. There were many questions in his mind. He was so confused and did not know what to do. Then he thought of his friend Rian. Rian's residence was not so far from Christopher's. So he called Rian. Rian was surprised to see Christopher's number. He wondered why Christopher would call him at this time at night.


Rian: "Hello."

Christopher: "I need your help. Please come quickly at my place."

Rian: "Everything alright? I mean it’s too late and you sound so worried."

Christopher: "No questions please. Just come."

Rian: "OK. I'm on my way."


Half an hour was gone but Rian hadn’t come yet. Christopher was so scared and worried. He called Rian again but Rian didn't respond. He kept calling but got no response.

After two hours Rian came. While entering, he said


Rian: "I'm so sorry that I'm late, actually I….."

Then he saw a kid, crying. He remained shocked to see her.

Rian: "Are you married? You never told me."

Christopher: "I'm not married. She is not my child."

Rian: "Then where did she come from?"

Then Christopher told him everything right from the beginning.

Rian: "Why are you blaming yourself for her death? It wasn't your fault at all. You couldn't do anything. It was her destiny."

Christopher: "No. She asked me for help but I didn't do anything. I let her die. I could've helped her."

Rian: "Stop blaming yourself and tell me what are you going to do now?"

Christopher: "I don't know what to do with the kid."

Rian: "Why don't you send her to an orphanage?"

Christopher: "No. One who left the kid at my door definitely didn't want the kid to grow in an orphanage."

Rian: "Yeah! But may be that 'ONE' couldn't get much time to make a choice."

Christopher looked at Rian astonishing and said: "What do you mean?"

Rian: "I mean may be the woman who got killed, was the mother of this child. She knew that both of their lives were in danger, so she left her child to you to save her.”

Christopher remained quiet for some time. Then he thought something, got up and went to the crying kid, picked her up and said confidently.


Christopher: "If it is like that then I’ll consider it a chance to fix my mistake. The woman died because I couldn't help her so from now on, I’ll raise her daughter up like my own."


Saying that he put the bracelet onto her arm that he had found outside the door.

Then Christopher started to look after her. He named her Alice. He taught her how to walk and talk, he used to play with her and try his best to keep her happy. But still he could hear the gun shot in his mind at night, as he couldn't forget the incident. Seeing this, Rian suggested Christopher to move somewhere else so that he might forget that incident. Christopher agreed as he also wanted to forget because he could not live with that guilt. So he moved to Canada with the kid and Rian, where he felt much better.

After 8 years, when Alice grew up, Christopher didn’t keep her in the dark and told her everything about her mother. It was hard for 8 years old Alice to accept the reality but she remained strong and thanked Christopher for not leaving her all alone.

One fine day, Rian came to Christopher and asked him to go for a walk. Christopher agreed and they both went for a walk. When they were walking outside a park, a woman passed by them.


Christopher looked at her and then whispered in Rian's ear: "I feel like I've seen her before."

Rian: "Really? She looks familiar to me too."


Christopher looked at him surprisingly but didn't say anything. Meanwhile, they heard the voice of the woman. She was asking for help from them to fix her bicycle. They both looked back. Seeing her face and hearing her voice, Christopher's mind flashed back to the incident where a woman was asking him for help. He remained shocked because it was her. She was alive.

Christopher helped her in fixing her bicycle.

Christine: "Thank you so much."
Christopher: "No problem."

Saying that he noticed a bracelet in Christine's arm. It had one half of the broken heart gem. He recognized it immediately because its other half was in Alice's arm. Christine went away, so did Christopher without saying anything to anybody.


In the evening,
Rian asked Christopher: "Why are you so quiet? Is everything alright? You've not been talking much after helping that woman."
Christopher: "Rian.....I know that woman. She's the one who, I thought, was murdered 8 years back."
Rian: "No... Really? But how's it possible? You heard the gunshot by yourself."
Christopher: "Yeah but she... she's alive."
Rian: "I don't believe this. You must've been mistaken."
Christopher: "No I’m not. I saw that bracelet in her arm."
Rian remained quiet for a minute and then sadly said: "So… now we have to return… Alice back to her?"
Christopher: "Yeah! Right. We have to..."

Saying this, he sighed sadly. Since that day Christopher & Rian began to visit that park daily because Christine used to go there. Time went on and they became good friends but Christopher hadn't told Christine anything yet. One day Christopher invited her at dinner as now he was ready to talk. Christine came and met Alice and remained surprised to see that she looked exactly like her but didn’t say anything. They all had dinner together. Alice went to her room after dinner. Three of them had a conversation.

Christopher: "Are you married Christine?"
Christine saw Christopher with wonder, she hesitated and said: "Nn….No, why?"
Christopher: "Don't lie."
Christine looked both of them and then said: "Wh….What do you mean? What do you know about me? And how?"

She became defensive, thinking that Christopher was one of the gangsters from whom she had hardly escaped.

Christopher: "Eight years back you were in trouble. A gunman was after you, don't know why, though. You asked a man for help. It was me. Don't you recognize me?"
Christine: "What?...... Oh it was you..."

She remained surprised.

Christopher: "I'm so sorry, couldn't help you. When I heard a gunshot, I thought you were dead. How did you escape?"
Christine: "Yeah I was shot. I don't remember exactly. All I remember is that when I opened my eyes, I was in the hospital."
Christopher: "Who took you to the hospital?"

Rian: "Oh my God! It was me."

Both Christine and Christopher looked at him.

Christopher: "What?...... You?"
Rian: "Yeah. When you called me and I was on my way to your home then, on the road, I saw Christine bleeding. She was unconscious. I thought it was a road accident so I took her to the hospital. Remember you asked me the reason of being so late?"
Christopher: "But you never told me about that."
Rian: "Yeah because you were already upset. Besides, it never came into my mind that she could be the woman you were talking about all the time."

Christine: "But how do you know that I'm married?"
Christopher: "Because you left your daughter at my house."

Christine remained surprised.

After a moment, she said: "So that means..... Al...Alice is… daughter?"
Christopher: "Yeah! And I know that because I'm familiar with the bracelet you're wearing. It has only one half of the heart because you had left the other half at my door with Alice that night."

Christine remained surprised. Then she rushed to Alice and began to cry because she remembered the night when she left her only daughter at the door of a stranger. Christopher told Alice that Christine was her mother.
Alice became happy and surprised at the same time. It was a very strange moment of her life.

She looked at Christine and said: "You left me."

She said that as if she was complaining.

Christine: "I'm so sorry..... But I had no choice."
Alice: "Promise that you'll never leave me again."
Christine: "I promise."

Saying that she hugged her daughter while crying.

When Alice went to sleep, Christine came out of the room.

Christopher asked her: "Why did you leave Alice and why was that gunman after you?"
Christine: "It was all because of my husband Vito. He was part of a Mafia gang whose boss was Johnny. I told Vito many times to quit the job but he told me that he can't do that on his wish. If he did that, Johnny’s men would kill him. Vito also wanted to quit the job but couldn't, so he was getting upset day by day. One day he just disappeared and left me a note in which he had written that I cannot take it anymore. I'm going to end my life now because I don't have any other option. Vito committed suicide and left me all alone. One of Johnny’s men came to me and asked about Vito, I told him everything so he left. Days passed and that man again met me in a park. He told me that his partners had seen Vito. He thought that Vito was alive and I lied to him to save Vito's life. Johnny wanted to see me. The man told me that he would come again to take me to Johnny and he did. I knew that Johnny would never believe me and he would kill me and my daughter, so I ran away and left Alice at your house. When I opened my eyes in hospital, I went to your home to bring Alice back but when I reached there you were gone. I became disappointed and thought that I would never be able to see my daughter again in my life. I felt many times that those men were still after me, so I had to leave the country and I came here."

Saying that she began to cry. Her friends tried to console her but she kept crying. No one said anything because they could understand how Christine was feeling at that moment.

Next day, Christopher took Christine to the park for a walk so that she could feel relaxed. There Christine saw a man and remained shocked. It was Vito. She came to him.

Christine said in anger: "Vito. You... You're alive?"

Vito saw her and got scared.


Vito: “Chr…Christine…. I… I was…”

Christine: “Can't believe that you lied to me.”
He said: "Christine… You... Look, I'm… sorry that I lied but I had to. You know very well that my life was in danger and I wanted a better life to live that I couldn't get otherwise. I had no choice but to lie."

Christine: "Do you have any idea what I and our daughter have been through? Didn't you think even once about us? I hate you Vito…I hate you…You heard me?”


She shouted while everyone was looking at her. Christopher told her to calm down.


Vito: “Listen to me Christine…”

Christine: “No…You listen to me carefully Vito. Now you just wait and watch. Its my turn now. I'll tell those gangsters about you. They'll find you and kill you."
Vito: "Nn...No....No, You won't do that."
Christine: "Yes I will. You deserve it."


Vito got scared, looked here and there and thought that he should leave the park before Christine could do any harm to him.

Vito left the city. Christopher asked Christine not to tell those gangsters anything. She agreed as well since she thought that it was enough for Vito to live with fear. Vito never came back, neither did those gangsters. Christopher and Christine got married. And now Christopher and Rian didn't have to return Alice back to Christine. So they all lived happily ever after.

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