The Sleepover

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This story is about a girl who moved to a new town due to her mom getting a new job. She met a girl whom she called her only friend and went to sleep over at her house the first week of school. Due to the ignorance of her mother, she unfortunately granted her daughter permission. Her daughter fell into a trap. Sleeping over at her friend's house put her life at risk.

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



 "Ring!! Ring!! Ring!!" Naska was awakened by her alarm clock. Today was her first day of school. She had moved from Miami to Canada. Naska got up reluctantly and went to the bathroom to have a bath.

Twenty minutes later she went downstairs to eat breakfast and carrying her books and bag with her. "Morning mom," she said. "Good morning sweety. How's your morning so far?" her mom replied. "Well is bad because I really wish we haven't moved. I miss my friends you know," Naska answerd. Her mom sighed. It has very stressing for her since her husband died. "Mom you look sad. Am sory ok. Its just that........................Never mind. Am off to school," "Okay bye honey"

When Naska came off the bus. Everything was different. The school she used to attend was a private one which was very strict and didnt tolerate foolishness. Her present school is a public school and it was a mess. Rubish was all over the campus. It was a disgrace. Anyway, she made her way to her classroom and went inside. "Goodmorning miss," She said to the teacher. "Goodmorning. Am guessing you are Naska Black. Please find a seat, " she answered. Naska saw an empty seat at back of the class. She made her way over to it and sat. She was next to a blond hair girl who had blue eyes. she was tall, slim and very beautiful. "Hey'" the girl whispered to her. "I am Trudent Hall, " Naska was surprised realizing that someone was actually trying to be her friend. beforne she came here she thought that she was going to be all by herself and noone was going to talk to her. Naska realized that she hesitated a little. "Auumm... Sorry about that. I am Naska Black," The two girls didnt say anything to each other after that. 

It was Twelve o'clock and Naska was in the lunch line to collect her lunch. She was last person in the line! "Pssst!!" It was Trudent calling her. She was third in the line. "Huh?" was Naska's reply. "Come on girl I saved you a space in the line. Hurry, you're next!" called out Trudent. "Okay Okay. Thank  you," she answerd. Trudent said she saved her a space because she liked her as a friend and also because she was new. the two girls ate lunch together. Unfortunately, the didnt see each other for the rest of the day at school because they didnt have classes together. School finally came to an end and Naska was over-joyed.

While she was walking home, she heard someone calling out her name. "NASKA!!! NASKA!! NASKA!!" It was Trudent ofcourse. Noone else was so friendly to her since she came to live here. "Wait on me!!" she shouted. Naska stopped. She was wondering why was this girl being so friednly. She was actng as if they had known each other or a very long time time. "Hey girl. Can i ask you a question?" asked Trudent. "Sure," replied Naska. "Would you like to sleep over at my house this friday. Please say yes," begged Trudent. "Am not sure i'll have to ask my mom. Yuou could just stop by with me and ask.

Naska was approaching her house. They enterd through the side gate and went through the back door. "Mom!!! Mom?" called Naska. "Am in the kitchen," her mom answered. "Mom this is Trudent Hall," she said. "Hi Trudent. You're a very beautiful; girl. I like you eyes, they are very beautiful!!" exclaimed her mother. "Thank you very much. I would like to ask you a question. Can Naska sleep over at my house friday night?" Naska's mm was shoked at the sudden invitation but she didnt show it or cause any fuss. Since her daughter didnt have any friends and she wanted to please her daughter because left all her friends, she decided to allow her to go. "Oh, sure she can," she decided. Trudent ahd supper at her new friend's house and went home to tell her mom she was going to have a friend over for the weekend. She knew her mom wasn't going to have problem because they were very friendly people.

Friday evening came. Naska stoped at her house to collect her small suitcase with her clothes for the tree days she will be spending with Trudent. She bidded her mok good-bye and told her not to worry, she will be back soon.

It was fiften minutes to six when the girls reached Trudent's house. "Welcome girls!!" Trudent's mom exclaimed. Naska could see where Trudent  got her friendliness from. She had dinner prepared already. "Hi," said Naska shyly. "Come on girl, fee up yourself. You ca call this yor second home ok?" replied Trudent's momhappily. "Wow! Okay then" said Naska surprisingly. Naska wa introduced to Trudents brother who was extremely handsome. He also had blue eyes and jet black hair. But Naska wondered how is it That Trudent has blonde hair and her brother's hair was black as coal. He was seventeen and his name was Tony. They ate dinner as one, big, happy family. But Naska felt uneasy. she was wondering if she shoul be here.

When they finished eating, the two girls went upstairs to Trudents room. It was eight o' clock by this time. Twenty minutes later, The girls heard a scream. Naska's Heard started to ponud very fast immediately. The slowly opened the the room door. The heard Trudents mom begging and pleading. "She isn't here ok. She went to a friend's house," When Trudent Heard this she knew immediately it was her ex-stepdad. She ran into her room for her cellphone to call the ploice. "Pow!!!!!!!! Pow!!!!!!!!!!!!" she heard a loud explosion. By now she was extremely scared. At the same time Naska and Tony ran into her room. In Trudent's mind, she was saying it was her fault for all of this. When her mom was married to Mr. Charles, He was obsessed with her every second of his relationship with Trudent's mom. That was the reason why They were devorced. But Mr. Charles didn't give up he has being stalking Trudent Every minute of the day. "Trudent, Trudent, Trudent!!" called Naska, "What's wrong with you?? It seemed as if your mom was shot!!!!!!!!!" "Oh God!!!!" cried Trudent. The three teenagers heard someone coming up the stairs. Tony grabbed the broom. A big grumpy man busted through the door. "Where's Trudent?? Oh.. There you are," He smiles showing his missing front teeth and the rest was yellow as if he hasn't brush them for years. "No!!" Trudent cried. Tony jumped on him, causing both of them landing on the floor. While the were tackling, the two girls escaped out of the room. The ran downstairs as fast as the could. Suddenly, Trudent who was infront, tripped over something. "Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Trudent. Her mom was dead as a doorpost. She was shot in the head. Trudent was crying bitterly and Naska was scared to death. Why am I here? Why did I have to fall into this trap? Naska was questioning herself. She cried even now. They heard someone running down the stairs. The girls were about ot run, when the noticed it was Tony. "I killed that mother * * * * * *!!!" " And he killed your mom!!!" shouted Naska. She was very angry. Tony bent over to his mom and cried. Naska didnt know what to do, so she walked over to the phone and called the police, again.

Half an hour later, the police finally arived. An ambulance took the dead body away. Naska's mom came with the police too. She took the three teenagers home. She tried to comfort them.

Naska's mom was now the legal parent for Tony and trudent.

Naska decided that evrything happened for a reason.



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