Ibnoon's Legends (adapted)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Pathan Papering Circle (PPC)

This is a book which is buried under today's world so nobody reads it. It became flash popular in 1990s. But it was was banned in Europe as the church believed it would damage their religion.

Found in a cave(in Egypt, close to the Arabian border) where the rock had been shaped into shelf, the person who found it returned to it to the archeological department, thus it was protected.
Since it was in old Arabic translating it was easy but more complex than you think.

It is believed it was written by a person called Abu Ibnoon who lived in either Egypt or Arabia in the year :782AD.

When we read his book we understand that he was the a Aesop of the middle east. Though not much was known about him,we know it was written by him because the name is at the back of the book.

Table of Contents


We can understand Ibnoon's style by reading this chapter. He hasn't said who is who or this person is an engineer or stuff like that. He challenges us to figure out who are the characters.

[This content was translated from Arabic to English then the English was simplified to modern day meaningful information..... :Ibnoon hasn't numbered his chapters but I've arranged them in an order
:Shortest chapters to the longer ones]
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