My Baltimore Best Friend

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My teacher ask us to write an personal narrative about Friendship and publish it for an major grade. I chose to write about my best friend back in baltimore, Maryland.

Submitted: July 17, 2011

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Submitted: July 17, 2011




Dajaun Nembhard

July 12, 2011

Ms. Bongany


Have you ever wondered how far your friendship could travel? That if one friend would move away if, the others would still consider him a friend. Well when was moving from Baltimore, Maryland to Sugar Land, Texas I wondered if my current friends and I would still be friends.

“Dang man Texas? Says Gideon “I feel sorry for you.”

Sadly I replied. “I know right, I don’t even wanna go.”

“Hey make sure you come back down for winter break or spring break, so I can whoop your butt in basketball again” says Gideon.

Confidently I replied “Ha you beat me at hoop, I don’t think so.”

So we went on and on about who was better at basketball, till we eventually made a deal to meet each other during winter or spring break, even though were not in the same states anymore. I knew when we made this bet I knew it wasn’t going to actually happen, and I’m pretty sure he knew it too but it was still nice to know I had a friend who cared so much. Gideon and I just met this year our freshmen year, and we hung out a lot, almost every day and I always considered him a close friends. And when he made that bet with me I knew then that he was probably my best friend, and it suck leaving when I finally found a friend that I could say was my best friend, because I thought we weren’t going to keep in contact. Gladly I was wrong.

I now live in Sugar Land, Texas and I hate it. I was so happy when our internet, cable got setup. The first thing I did was got on facebook and when I look on my wall the first thing I saw was.


That message made me laugh and I message him on IM. So even though I live in Texas, I can still say that Gideon is still on of my best friends. We still talk at least once a week. He tells me all the stuff that’s been happening at Overlea, our high school, things like, who’s dating who, or who fought who, the sports game etc. And he would ask me questions about my new life in Texas, it’s not as fun as hanging out with him, but I’m still glad that we keep in contact.

As you can see, the answer to my question, how far can friendship travel would be anywhere. I live in Texas, and I have a best friend who lives in Maryland and we still have fun together and I can’t wait to hang out with him again.




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