Dancing in Rosewater

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It may remind you of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds but I was listening to it while I was writing this. I would summarize this piece as simply whimsical.

Submitted: November 27, 2007

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Submitted: November 27, 2007



I know a place where

Blue jays are red and

Cardinals green.

Where pink skies are ordinary and

There is no need to wait until sun set. 5

Where clouds never part

Because rain is always welcome.


I know a place where

Fruit is plentiful

And always ripe to eat 10

Where gardenia waterfalls splash with scent

And the music of the sun twirls by my ear.


I know a place where

Tears of joy out weighs those of sadness

And triumph only follows the work that is needed. 15


I know a place where

The lazy sonnets of family

Are the only things heard for miles

Where beauty is the only thing the eyes see

And the stress of life is just a small picture that is held in my pocket. 20


I know a place where

Learning is the vegetable that we feed on

And competition is driving us only in games.

Where children’s laughs are uttered by grown-ups

And the sweat of running is a lullaby that puts everyone to sleep 25


I know a place where

He laughs and she laughs

And the only cries heard

Are those of the crows


I know a place where 30

Spirits fly as high as the birds

And chocolate covered chairs are what we sit on

Where dance is the only way to get from place to place

And adventure is only a breath away


I know a place 35

Of summertime magic

And winter warmth


I know a place

That I have never been before

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