Me & Him

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Submitted: January 18, 2013

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Submitted: January 18, 2013



I was on my facebook suddenly I got a massege I didn't know who is this?!there was a boy asked me if I can talk to him or not it is so important and I said what are you going to talk to me about hesaid don't worry it isn't about you I said ok but how do you know me? \"you are my cousin's friend\" he said, who are you talking about ' I said he said didi is your friend and she is my cousin something like that . I said when you want to talk to me? Tomorrow morning at 12:00 PM \"OK\" I said , it is The time for speaking it was 12:00PM we started speaking he talked to me so kindly and I answered him like that too he said do you know that girl he showed me a picture and I knew her I said yeah she is amazing but why he said OH we are going to know each other and I wanna know how is she as a friend to other girls I said she is amazing and beautiful and we were talking talking and talking I had to go I said we will talk again I have to go he said nice to meet you and thanks for helping me about she, my pleasure \" I said and after 3 weekswe talked again he said you said she is beautiful I said yeah she is he said she told me I look like Selena gomez but when I saw her she looms like something eals.\"something eals??!\" I don't like her'' He said , en I said ok what should I do it is't ma problem and we talked too much but just like friends but that girl found out that I am his friend she said you told him to break up with me I said No trust me Cuz I knew him not a long time after that I told the boy all story and he said don't lestin to her I said how can I do that she is my friend and he said OH yeah? So why I am talking to you all the time why I always care about you? Why i do all these thing? I said how can I know!! He said Cuz I like you from that day I saw you for the first time you were with my cousin and you were smilling and you made me like you yeah that is why I talk to you and I slowly fall in love with you \" u don't care about you I just care a bout my friend and what is she thinking is very important to me \" and I said please I din't to talk to you again and hurt my friend for you Cuz she thinks that you let her go to be with me \" that is true\" he said ' but I said \"whatever\" and from that day we didn't speak anymore for 5 months and 2 weeks and 4 days I counted but I was thinking about him all the time I did not know my feel about him . But a day he massaged to me written in it how can you do this with me you tottaly forgot me \" I as so happy Cuz he masseged me and I said No I am not I am thinking about you every moments and days he said that is make me feel like I am living in this life and your saying make me love you more from that day we were in love we were live for each other but I coudn't tell him how much I love him and I want to be with him still Now he thought that I don't love him Cuz I couldn't tell him I couldn't and I felt that he live with lot's of pain because of me . A day u told him that I love him he said No you don't you are hurting cuz I aM hurting and you don't want that I said yes because I love you he said you don't love me like a boy in your heart you love me like your brother in your heart don't you I couldn't tell him No! Cuz he was talking so fast and don't let me to tell anything . I cried and told him so go live with another girl be like other boys love another girl leave me alone he said I wished I can but I can't why don't you get me?? I said no I don't just leave me alone he said ok but let me te you something I will love you till my last breath and I promise I will die for you for no one eals.En from that day we broke up I can't stop thinking about him I want to forget him but I can't I don't know what to do it is because I don't know how can I trust him I just don't know what to do :((

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