Inside Aperture : A short story inspired by Portal 1

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From a Portal series fan, comes a new short story. Feel how it was like being Chell, and get cheated out of a cake, and be forced to incinerate her own best friend! All of this, and some more, Inside Aperture !

Submitted: January 22, 2016

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Submitted: January 22, 2016



Inside Aperture

Chapter 1

"Hello and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center."

Those were the first words that I heard when I woke up from cryo-sleep. The voice was high pitched. Like an opera singer. I still remembered the bed I slept in. Round, and kind of like an egg. I looked around. Hmm... No changes. Ironically, things were pretty much the same at the start of my hibernation : The radio, the table, and the oddly familiar square glass box, in which I was put. Also, I noticed a toilet, for unknown reasons, because I was in sleep for, what seemed to me, a few hundred years, maybe more, so there was no need for a toilet. I had no track of time.My head hurt, and everything started spinning all of a sudden. Out of nowhere, a timer ticked off, and a blue oval-shaped "thing" popped up on the door. Not sure what it was, I went to inspect, but stopped prior to my first step, remembering that curiosity had killed the cat. This thing, as far as I could see, was the only way out of this terrible place. Realizing I was out of options, I went through, and got out. Going into the other room, I spotted a vent in the ceiling, and a cube in it. The vent was closed. A button sat on the floor, with a dotted line connecting it to the other door. Within moments of my entrance, the voice spoke, "Please place the Weighted Storage Cube on the Fifteen Hundred Megawatt Aperture Science Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button." It was the same one from before, the voice. I walked up to the "Storage Cube" and picked it up. Heavy. Then I put it on the "Super Button". Instantly, the door opened up. I ran as fast as I could, for the voice warned, "Perfect. Please move quickly to the chamber lock, as the effects of prolonged exposure to the Button are not part of this test." So, the elevator that came down was the chamber lock. Or at least that's what I thought. The elevator door closed, and I felt that sudden rush in my stomach, when the elevator started going up. 

Chapter 2

When the door opened for the second time, I found myself in a new room. As I walked down the corridor, a giant screen lit up beside me. Without paying any sort of attention, I kept on walking. Upon coming into the room, I saw a "portal" on one wall. Without thinking, I walked straight through, which took me to a room with a new cube. I picked it up, and exited the room through the portal. The portal then changed to a new room, with a button on it. I entered, put the cube on the button, and walked back out. The last time the portal changed, it took me directly to near the chamber lock. I got into the elevator, and waited. The door opened, with a bit of a cracking sound, and I was taken to a new room. Walking through the portal, I descended upon the place where the portal gun was kept. It was shooting in all directions, and I went ahead and picked it up. It looked nice on my arms, and later I found out that I could shoot my own portals! Using the last bit of intelligence and IQ I had left, I quickly escaped the room with the help of portals. For now, I could shoot only blue portals. 

Each new room was called a test chamber. There were many for me to complete. Upon entering test chamber 11, I saw another portal gun. It looked the same as the one I had in my hand. I'd managed to complete the last few chambers with great difficulty, so I was determined to complete this one. This took me forever. Yeah. When I finally reached the pedestal on which the portal gun was kept, I "disposed" of my old portal gun, and took position of my new one. Although it was the exact same, otherwise it could shoot two portals, blue and orange, I thought to myself, "Hey, this looks cool !" 

Chapter 3

Being a girl, these damn test chambers made my life hell. Later on, I learned that the announcer's name was GLaDOS. Yeah. My God! She was such a pain! Constant nagging, taunts, and jokes made me hate her. We developed a love-hate relationship, mostly because she helped me out a ton in most of the test chambers. Along the way, there came turrets : robots which only knew one thing. Kill me. Great, so I've had toxic pools, someone who's always reminding me of my uselessness, and now robots that kill. What more could I possibly need ? On the way, I met my new best friend : The Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube. It couldn't talk, couldn't move unless I picked it up, or do anything except weigh down buttons. It had a big heart in the middle, and I fell in love with it on the day we met. She helped me a lot. She was a real good friend. Later, GLaDOS made me put it in the incinerator. It was the most heartbreaking moment in my entire journey in this weird place. 

Aperture Laboratories. That was the name of this "weird place". It was mostly white, and slightly blue, with a touch of black. In the last test chamber, GLaDOS promised me cake. I loved cake. I was more than determined to finish this last chamber. I was hungry, ragged, and desperate. The last thing I could've thought of was this. 

The cake was a lie.

Chapter 4

Yes, apparently, GLaDOS tried to trick me. I jumped on the moving platform, to receive my cake. After a series of obstacles, I found out that I was being taken to the incinerator. There was a big fire, and I was tried to put right into that! Using the portal gun, I escaped, for there was a portallable surface on the other side of the room. I still had trouble to grasp the fact that GLaDOS tried to kill me. I trusted her so much ! 

After successfully navigating through the entire facility, I ended up in GLaDOS' room. She was no human. She was this huge machine, hanging off the ceiling. Wires, discs, and a plethora of objects were attached to her. I spotted an incinerator in one corner. She deployed a rocket turret, which fired slow rockets at me. I knew I was going to be dead. GLaDOS released neurotoxin in the room, with a timer set for 5 minutes or so. Means that I'd be dead in 5 minutes. I shot two portals, and tricked the turret into firing a rocket at GLaDOS. She went down, and a round machine came off of her. I got to know it was a core. Put, so GLaDOS wouldn't do bad stuff. Huh. Pretty ironic. So, I took it to the incinerator, shot portals, pushed a button, it opened, and I plopped the core down the incinerator. Moments later, GLaDOS shouted, that I'd done something pretty terrible. Without paying any heed, I made the turret fire another rocket at her. Another core dropped, I shot two more portals, gained some momentum, and caught the core. I did the same thing I did with the previous core. Down the incinerator it went. For the last time GLaDOS reprimanded me. I did the same thing, and eventually, the whole facility blew up. I blacked out. When I regained consciousness, I looked around. Bits and pieces were still flying around. A hoop fell from the sky. Tired, I put my head down. When I had some energy, I stood up, and started walking. 

Chapter 5

I had done it. I had successfully defeated GLaDOS, and blew up the whole facility. I felt an adrenaline rush. Suddenly, I felt alive in my life, I'd never had this feeling. Never before, had I achieved success on a level like this. All I could see around me was the countryside. A few hours of walking took me to a city. From there, I started my life. Afresh. It felt good. To leave everything behind. Good old GLaDOS, and the turrets, and them cores!

It felt good when I was inside Aperture, but even more when I was out. A few years later, I was invited to test a new series of home improvement products. A car arrived, and took me to a deserted countryside. I couldn't quite remember what it was. It seemed familiar. An elevator surfaced, and I was pushed inside. Upon exiting, I remembered where I was.

Inside Aperture.

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