When It Rained

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Its a two page love story between a tree and rain called when it rained.

Submitted: June 02, 2014

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Submitted: June 02, 2014



The tree stood there shadowing the grass patch. It did so for as long as it could. Soon  winter arrived and the leaves from the tree started falling. After a point it was barren but alive. The winter passed with occasional rains letting the tree have its few leaves.

The summer was  extremely hot. The tree had started drying up and almost at the verge of dying. The twigs were breaking as the birds sat on them. The birds too flew away and took refuge in some other tree. The tree was not weak. Just that it hadn't rained in a while and it was just in need of some water to moisten its roots and give strength to its branches...It did face enough winter all by itself when all the leaves had fallen on the ground and the branches left empty...

Last year the heat was excruciating. The tree was falling out of love with the scorching sun. Along came a few drops of pre-monsoon showers. Monsoon would come every year but this year the tree seemed to love the rain a bit too much. It did not know why but it did like the occasional spells of rain. A few drop here and there, the tree soaked in as much as it could. It seemed as if the rain and the tree were bonding bit by bit. The tree had never felt like this before about the rain...A few days later when the tree started getting a few more leaves, it started analysing its feeling for the rain. The tree was getting fond of the rain. The tree had already fallen in love with the rain although it was just the pre monsoon showers.

A few days later it rained heavily. Monsoon was already here. The tree was drenched. A few days later the tree was filled with green leaves. It was lush again. Whenever the rain started and it fell on the tree , running down the leaves and finally seeping deep into the ground, the tree would dance with the wind. The tree had fallen in love with rains this time. But how could she be sure? So she decided to let it be and not think about it. Last year the monsoon was heavy and the tree had soaked in as much water as possible. The tree wanted to confess her love for rain. For when it came she felt alive again. Especially this time after a long long dry spell, the rain was her only hope...She could not muster the courage to let the rain know how much she loved him. One fine day the rain disappeared . She waited and waited. Monsoon was over  that year. The clouds that showed rain had moved on.

The only solace she had was that the rain which must have seeped into the ground as much as possible. So there was hope.  Maybe she would make do with that stored rain water... The tree was green and filled with flowers. The tree never looked this beautiful before. She was at her glorious best.

Soon came  winter but this time the leaves did not fall. A few flowers still remained. Then came the winter rain one day. The tree felt like professing her love for the rain. She knew if  rain left this time , God knows when he’ll be back again. She told him she is in love with  rain.

Rain heard it all and left. The tree did not know what the rain felt about her. One day the clouds hovered over her. They left a message from the rain. As much as the tree loves the rain, rain can’t stay for too long. It can’t settle and keep falling on the tree. It can’t stay. There must be many a tree in love with the rain. The tree on the other hand can’t move from her place and the rain can’t be in one place for too long no matter how much we love him. But the tree is already in love with the rain. How do you not love when you love? So the tree stood there waiting for the next monsoon. Let the tree be in love for as long as she can...Monsoon will come every year showering rain hopefully as much as the last monsoon .The clouds and the raindrops will remind the tree of her love. The rains will always be about her love. Although the tree is the only one in love in this story, it’s still a love story...

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