The Globe, Part One - Introduction

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Join Fleet Commander Shamus McGlynn and the fellow Mars colonists in the retaking of The Globe!

This is my first work, and feedback would be greatly appreciated, as well as any concerns with technology and it's workings! Thanks for reading!

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



The Globe, Part One – Arriving.

It is the year 2400. The nations around the world in which had existed since the twentieth century are gone, vaporized by a great and terrible war labeled as The Global War, which had taken place one hundred and fifteen years prior to the current date. Those who lived through The Global War, which were only around 750,000 compared to the already existing twenty billion between the Earth, Mars, and Moon colonies took refuge on the planet of Mars considering the fact that reports from the rather well architectural designs of the Moon colonies had exclaimed that the radiation could be felt greatly, even though they were still a great distance from The Globe. From Mars, the remaining members of the United States’ Colonial Space Program or USCSP for short began sending cleansing pods after as an experimental anniversary of the first one hundred years after that gruesome war, figuring that the nuclear fallout could be cleansed quite easily by that point, using terraforming, without the risk of radiation tampering with the cleansing machinery. So, with the permission of the USM Congress, the USCSP began shooting governmentally founded pods down from Mars in the year 2385, hurdling down towards the darkened globe, or as some began to call it once more, Earth; where life was thought to be lost by the pure exposure to radiation, a fate in which most were unprepared for. Some of the veterans from The Global War frowned upon the idea, still haunted by memories past of crippling comrades falling down before their eyes from malfunctions in their combative ready suits. The warfare itself was horrible; biochemical weaponry used left and right; almost as if guns and other ballistic weaponry had not even existed. Some men even compared it to that of a perfume shop, however, it would not be a pleasant smell they would be shopping for; instead it would be one of death and damnation on a torn apart globe.

Within these pods were some of the Mars colonists’ best terraformers and military personal, all urging to reclaim their once grand utopia of a planet. Amongst these men was Fleet Commander Shamus McGlynn, a rather experienced man who had protected the colonists of Mars from numerous encounters with the rebellious “Moonlings” as the Mars’s colonists came to know them as after their rebellion from the “Martians”, as the Moon inhabitants came to know them as, in 2374. His rather bald head glistened in the artificial lighting of the launching pads as his copper tinted goatee stuck firmly, and well trimmed, to his jaw line. He boarded the highly powered space ship in which they were to be boarding; the USM Remembrance, named for the mission the brave souls were embarking upon. Once the men, as well as the pods were boarded onto the ship, the countdown began. “Ten.. Nine.. Eight.. Seven.. Six.. Five.. Four..”

“I swear to Mars, McGlynn, that if we make it through this mission, you had best get me a corner office on this so called Utopia”. Said Space Pilot Michael Titaleh, the second highest ranking space pilot in the USCSP, as well as one of Commander McGlynn’s most trusted men, who was rumored to have gained his badge of angels in his first combative experience with the Moonlings at the early age of nineteen.

“Don’t you worry yourself, Ace; we will breeze through this mission like we did in the battle of the resources”. Said the experienced commander with a smirk spread slyly across his face.

“Three.. Two.. One.. Liftoff!”

It was then that the ship’s engines began combining with a start off fuel supply of carbon dioxide fueled through enormous canisters, which is considered to be a vastly abundant gas on the planet of Mars, being used to power machinery and other needs with the assistance of oxygen which was rather rare to find upon the planet until the assistance of the terraformers. The terraformers knew the benefits of carbon dioxide and purposely kept select locations on Mars untouched due to this fact, figuring that it was best to do so since the former people of Earth once lived the very same way, using technologies to convert this once annoyance of a gas into a fuel source. The rather unnoticeable colors, in which the pulsing boosting systems gave off, were depleted into a storage system at the bottom of the pad as the grand ship of human construct lifted from the planet. Two more ships, the USM Reconstruction and the USM Armada, barreled from their stationary pads soon behind the USM Remembrance.

“Commander McGlynn, this is the captain of the USM Reconstruction. The terraformers are space bound and following your path”. Said Terraformer Captain Daniel Trothy, in a rather docile voice. His words were rather faint, but full of wisdom and guidance as his men came to know of.

“Very well”, Said Commander Mcglynn, “Stay a bit back to my port side and you are free to fly as you please. Enjoy the trip and do use your communication systems if my assistance is required.”

“Messaged received Commander, and may God bless”

No sooner was it that the highly esteemed captain had gotten out of his seat and closed the conversation that another relayed message came in.

“Commander, the captain of the USM Armada wishes to speak with you” Said Titaleh.

“Put him on hold, I am sure it can wait a few minutes” Said the rather anxious sounding commander, who had begun to hurry through the rather narrow corridors of the metallic ship, his footsteps echoing throughout as if he wished to be heard. He then calmed his stride, walking into the room in his rather formal blackened vest with dressy pant leggings, both of which had long white stripes tracing around parts of the outlines as they met each other at the waist line. He tightened his commanding hat as he walked into the room, which was crowded with multiple men and women, ranking from simple positions such as cleaning crew and chefs, to some of the most well trained humans in the solar system in regards to ground and low-level flight combat. As he approached a white wall, the men’s and women’s hushes can be heard amongst the crowd, it was even quiet enough to the point where you could hear a faucet dripping out recycled water in the back of the mess hall within the kitchen area, or the slop-fest as some of the crew members called it. Commander McGlynn stood off to the right hand side of the wall as a sudden beam of light burst forwards from a projecting overhead simulator, portraying a third dimensional image right before hitting the wall. This image was a rather in a sphere like shape, however, it was larger than the ones that the men and women were used to back on Mars, colored with a tint of black as if to symbolize what everyone’s goal was on that ship; the retaking of the Earth. They gazed at this image in which was held before them, taking mental notes of every outline, every crevice, every river and stream. However, this simple, yet huge image was based off of almost century old pictures in which the people of Mars had taken photos of with amazingly detailed telescopes, telescopes in which could single out a house in the middle of the street and watch the bustling people of the Earth go through with their daily lives. Commander McGlynn then held his right hand up firmly, bridging it off to his forehead before bringing his feet together, saluting all of his fellow people of Mars. They all complied, repeating the Commander’s movements. He then silently brought his right hand down from his forehead, bringing it behind his back to meet up with his left hand, which was held below the commander’s right hand, resting it within his left hand’s palms; both of which would be callus ridden. He would stand tall and firmly, squinting his eyes slightly as he looked towards the holographic image off to his left.

“Ladies and Gentlemen..”, He began, “Today marks the beginning of the return to our homeland; A homeland in which we have strived well over a century over. Off to my left is an image of our homeland, the globe as others prefer to call it, however, I shall call it the Earth, which most of us may frown upon but if we plan on reclaiming such a place; I see it right to call it by its own proper name.”

The men and women around him simply stared with awe amongst their face; some were simply baffled by his mentality while others loved where he was going already.

© Copyright 2017 Shamus McGlynn. All rights reserved.

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