dead romance

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Dead romance... When your love one dies... what would u do to see them again?

Submitted: January 07, 2014

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Submitted: January 07, 2014




Beep Beep Beep… I slowly opened my eyes and looked to my right and saw a heart monitor. I was quite confused why there was a heart monitor in my room; I went to wipe my eyes but to discover aching pain shooting through my arm, My head was pounding; I tried to sit up which was practically impossible without screaming in agony; A nurse walked in my room and told me to lye back down and to not move. Where am I? I thought to myself. I slowly tried to regain my memory back, but it seemed almost impossible to remember what happened or how I got in this room. The doctor came into the room and helped me sit up. He tried to hold a smile as he examined my injures; I held in every scream and tear as the doctor was checking for broken bones, which I can tell was a lot. The doctor pulled out his phone and turned on his recorder then he soon began to ask me questions.

“Please State your Full name” he asked while shining a light in my eyes.

“Shannon Emery Young” I said as I was trying to not squint my eyes,

“Please state your birthday and your last location you remember and event” he said curiously

“June 29th 1998, the last location I remember being was in the car with Joey, I... I was driving past this scary graveyard” I said as I rubbed my eyes trying to remember

“I closed my eyes because graveyards scare me.. I remember Joey screaming in fear... he grabbed me and held me against my seat.. I remember seeing something jump out.. maybe.. well it had to, nothing else could of possible happened to cause all this, I remember looking into Joey's eyes as he said he loved me. I told him I loved him too, the car hit something, we spun.. Joey held on to me tighter protecting me from hitting the dash board... then I blacked out… “I Paused and took a deep breath.

“Keep going, but calm down, your heart beat is getting too high, take deep breaths and finish when ever you are ready” The doctor said while looking at the heart monitor and holding my wrist


I took a deep breath and said “Then I remember being dragged out of the car, where I saw Joey lying on the ground next to me I can still picture the blood driping down his face... him screaming...” I looked around me, I didn’t see Joey, he was no where to be found.

“Where is Joey? Where, why isn't he in here? Is he okay? Where is Joey!!” I started panicking.

“Shannon, Calm down you cant know where he is right now, it’s not safe to let you know what happened; with you in these conditions” The doctor tried to hold me down but I refused to let that happened.

“Why can't I know!” I screamed in tears

“Shannon, calm down... Nurse!!” The doctor shouted for a nurse to come into the room

“She's having an anxiety/panic attack go get the needle, calm her down before she hurts herself, Now!” he spoke.

The nurses tried to hold me down, I swung at one nurse and nailed her in the face I saw blood stream down her cheeks, I felt pretty guilty but I need to know where Joey is and I need to know Now!Then a moment later the same nurse regained balance then slapped me across the face and held me down tightly as the other nurse ran over to me with a long needle, I freaked out; my phobia is needles I began to panic even more, the doctor held me down because I was kicking the nurse with the needle trying to get her to leave me alone, the doctor held me down and looked at me and said in a calm relaxing voice “Shh... You'll be okay, just relax for right now” I felt the needle being plunged into my skin, breaking my skin on my broken arm scraping my bone by accident, and liquid being shot through my arm and my body; I looked to the nurse that was gushing blood down her face her voice was fading away, my vision began to get blurry,

 I looked at the doctor as he said “Count to Ten” I looked up at the light and started counting “One, Two, Three, Four, Five.. Six..” around 6 my eyes couldn’t stay open. I gasped as I felt my mind going into another state of mind. Then I blacked out....




***Four Hours later***

I Awoken to the sound of the monitor going off beeping, it turned out to just be a phone call. I answered it.


“Hello?” I Said.

“Someone is here to see you Ms Young.” A voice on the other line spoke

“May I ask who this someone is?” I asked again.

“She claims to be your close friend ma’am” She spoke again.

“Oh, Alright. Let her in” I said as I tried to sit up.


Moments later, I heard someone knocking on the door,

“Come in” I said trying to sound happily

The door Opened and Chrissy, my close friend walked in the room with her boyfriend. And she walked up and she spoke… she spoke about my boyfriend. How he’s not coming back… I was in tears… What I heard from my best friend was that ill never see him again. But there was one way we could see him, bringing him back from the dead… if that was even possible.


***See other story for Information*** ( my bestfriend has this part.. ) 

*** Later That night at the graveyard***


“I’m Scared” I spoke as we reached the gates of the Clemo’s Graveyard

We all walked through the gates at the same time, and we; I mean Chrissy, Her boyfriend Sam an I. We slowly walked through the graveyard… We found Joey… we found his grave stone, just sitting in the cold muddy ground. He has just been placed here… while I was at the hospital, unaware of his death, he was placed Six feet under, without me having a chance of even saying a good-bye properly. I brought a photo of me and him and placed it slowly on the grave stone. I took a piece of tape and taped it… He will be forever known as Joey Darrell Gualden the Boy who got in a mysterious car accident, who saved his Girlfriend. He will be known as a hero, taking away his own life, didn’t protect himself, he saved Me. And I want to save him. Tonight we are calling him back. We are going to convince the elements of god to allow him to come back, not alive, but his spirit his personality one last time, to say my Good-bye’s properly. Thoughts were running through my mind. I couldn’t withstand the thought of everything going on. I wanted Joey back, and tonight I will get him back…


*** Four hours later at the graveyward***


I Cant believe Joey’s spirit is back, speaking to me… I want him back for real, why was it his time to die and not mine? Why can’t I change this event. I Wish I can just change everything and let him live and Not Me! 


-End of part one-  if liked. enough ill post more.

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