Facing the real Life

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My Name is Shan. and i'm 14 years old, This is only one bad day that happened in my childhood... I was around 6 years old.

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013




I was just a young girl... i never really knew much about anything, or understood when people meant to hurt me.. i was a type of girl who never wanted to speak to anyone, a girl who wanted to just get away and hide in her room and never come out. It all started out when i lived in Maryland, I remember only terrible child hood memories. I remember walking to school one day, and I saw kid being ganged up on the front lawn of my Elementary school ( Hills Dale Elementary ) It was the worst thing to ever see, i can still remember the blood on the ground, the helpless 8-12 year old boy on the ground screaming for help, but no one seemed to help him.. i screamed for a teacher, the gang ran away; leaving the boy on the ground gasping for air. They called 911 and tried to save this boy's life... i remmeber sitting in class bowing my head down crying trying not to be noticed.. a boy walked up to me and laughed at me, saying that boy deserved to be beaten up and hope he was dead... i yelled at the boy to go die in a hole, a teacher came up to me and started to yell at me, and told me to get out of the classroom... i was like 6ish... i ran out the classroom and laid in the hall... i always had this problem. when someone yells at me.. i either have an anxiety attack, or just freak out crying. I been made fun of that ever since... at the end of the day, my brother and i walked home... then later that night i went down stairs to discover that my parents were fighting... i remember this 100% perfect and clear.... i was in my Pj's and i heard a faint scream, i ran down the stairs to make sure my mother was okay, i saw my father's hand grasping my mother's throat and she was screaming to get off... i didnt know what to do i yelled at my father to stop i ran up to him and told him to stop.. he looked at me and told me to go away that he is tired of this family that he never wants to be with us, and i was a mistake to him. I screamed as loud as i could, my brothers were just sleeping not caring in the world of what was happening... i ran to the kitchen and sat on a tredmill type of thing.. just crying my eyes out.. i was gasping for air because I coudlnt handle the fact of my father trying to hurt my mom, this wasnt normal to me... i heard the door in the living room slam.. i ran out there running to my mom i ran up to her and asked if she was okay, i was yelling at her cuz she wasnt answering me.. she just laid with her head back and just crying.... i will never forget my father being on top of my mother with his hands around her throat trying to end her life... my mom leaned up and hugged me told me she loved me and told me everything will be okay... my father hit the door openned and had a rench or whatever, in his hand. he took his wedding ring off.... and he snapped it... and threw it at my mother... my father left the house got into his car and Left..... i ran outside crying for him to come back to just make it all better... my mom grabbed both my brothers and i and we go into the other car and tried to find my father... we stopped then my mom got out of the car, trying to call my father... my mother cried as she got back into the car...we drove home.. and we walked into the house... my father was on the couch.. with ice cream... with a guilty look on his face... my mother forgave him.... my father thought my brothers and i would forgive him if he gave us icecream.. he prayed that i would forget this... he told my mother that he was sorry.. and he never meant it..  he wanted me to forget what happened that night... i still remember.... 100%

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