Why bully? We all live equally on the inside.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Have you ever just stopped and thought about what you are doing with your life?
Why Bully? why be the reason of a death. think about what that victim is going through everyday because of bullies.

Hello, My Name is Shan, and i am 15 years old. Have you had a rough life? Or thought you did? Just stop, look around you. Are you cold? Are you starving? are you skinny to the bones? or are you normal weight? burning hot?

Do you have a two story house? your own bedroom? or do you live in a trailer, sharing room with siblings.

Are you Forced to go to school? forced to learn about stuff you probably dont even need?? or are you home everyday. wondering what simple math is. or even about our past presidents...

Do you have money in your pockets? Clothes in your closet?? food on the table from cash ?? or do you live off of 3 pairs of jeans and maybe 6 shirts or even less? and food is from food stamps?? 

Have you ever just stopped and thought about your life compared to others? Are you popular? or does the whole school hate you? are you the bully or the bullied?  

Do you think you have a perfect life? or do you cry at night because of your life. 


Everyone lives their own horror story. No ones life is perfect. EVEN if you are the normal weight popular, perfect clothes. big house. lots of food.Or Even if you are the skinny not able to go to school. starving no clothes. poor.. 

These people share the same world.... Are you happy 24/7? of course your not. i believe no one is truely happy. So Why bully? People suffer so much that you never know. Maybe that popular girl is having family problems or being brutally beat. Maybe that girl who wears same clothes a week... is starving. begging for food in school... or even being abused... You walk around the halls judging everyone you see. And don't play dumb and say you don't humans have an instinct to judge even the smallest things. like a string on a shirt. or a button missing. or messy hairs.... or just by what they wear. or their looks... Everyone judges.. but bullies are the one who speaks them aloud. 

No one ever listens to you unless your beautiful or popular.... or unless your Dead. yes Dead.  Don't you hate when you're having a rough day and no one asks if your okay? or Just the fact you are instantly known as the "Attention seeker?" Who starts the "attention seeker" status. Bullies. Who laughs at you when you walk down the hall or says words to you about your appearance.. Bullies Even Popular people get judged. OF COURSE Bullies themselves get judged. but they never learn.. the pain they cause people... they will only learn once your Dead.


So why bully?? Why be the reason of a suicide? Why Feel the guilt?  Why do you bully? oh because that person is 'ugly' or 'fat' or 'not popular' or 'poor' No. that is No reason to bully someone. STOP AND THINK. Think about what you go through, then look at the person you bully. think about What THEY are going through if you're bullying them.. It's NOT just you.. its many people think about how they feel in school and what their actions are at home... 


Add on thought came to mind by a comment.

Why do bullies bully? maybe THEY are the ones with the poor life. ones who think negative about everything. The bullies are the weakest of All. They cant handle their problems so they take out their anger on You.. or even a family member!.. Yes Family member. Just Stop and think...


You are home, waiting to go to work... you Already graduated highshool, your daughter or son that is still in school, runs to their room bawling their eyes out.... You rush to their door, but its locked, you hear the gasping for air as they cry. you knock gently asking whats wrong, they respond with a harsh tone in their voice begging you to leave them alone to go away, so You do, you realize you have to go to work, you leave them home alone all the time. to go to work, (you work nightshift) and they were always fine, but today you feel quite worried and upset seeing your own child this upset, you have never seen this way before...You wait till your child is not crying so loud so you could speak through the door, you say " i know you dont want to hear this from me.. but it is going to be okay i promise, i love you. ill see you in a little please call me tonight"  you sigh and walk away as you hear a small whisper  "i love you too",...you hurry up and get ready for work... its a busy night at work that day.. you can't seem to check your phone quite often as you use to.

litte did you know. your child wasnt just being bullied in school, but even online.... Cyber bullying.... little did the bully know, your child never sees you, your child has only one parents. living in a 2 bedroom house, can barely afford nice expensive clothes, your child is depressed and feels lonely, but you never knew that. you only saw the smile on his/her face outsdie that bedroom. you thought your child was happy, but you didnt know he/she was bullied at school because you're never home... you work 2 jobs. tryin to keep food on the table.... you never thought your child would self harm... you start to think while working.. he/she has been coming home upset for past month... he/she has been wearing longsleves for the past month... In May, when its hot...  you put small pieces together... and you finally realized your son/daughter IS self harming. he/she IS losing control... you call the house phone... no answer.... you call their phone.. No answer you called multiple times... you freak out.. you cant leave work because you will be fired... but you risk it.... you ask your boss to leave and he says no... you yell in the office saying it a emergancy but the boss insists that your child is just being an attention seeker, that he/she is Fine. During this argue. you didnt realize you have 3 miss calls... from your son/daughter. and a voicemail.. you saw this after being fired... 

You stop in place.. and listen to the voice mail.. you hear the sweet innocent voice of your child..

" Mom/dad. i love you... im sorry this has to be the way it is... im just a barden in your life... you work 2 jobs just to keep me in school keep me dressed keep me not starving... you dont derseve this.. all i am is nothing.. everyone in school is right... i dont belong here... mom/dad... i love you.... im sorry.." 

the voice mails ends

You Bawl your eyes out on the phone with 911. begging them to hurry to your house because you recieved a frantic call from your child... you speed home... praying to god your child is okay... as soon as you pull into your driveway.. the cops beat you... there is an abulance in the driveway, you parked the car and run into the house... you run to his/her room.. but the cops try to hold you back... telling you that they are sorry its too late... screaming you accidently hurt the cop pushing them away you barge through the door.... you see your son/daughter... hanging.. from the ceiling... a empty bottle of pills on the bed....you drop to your knee's crying.. screaming for god....

later that night... you come home from the hospital... you walk in to your son/daughter's room... the laptop is still open.. no password... you wonder what drove him/her to this... you see messages after messages from different boys and girls from his/her school... telling them to kill themselves.. telling them you dont love him/her... telling them they dont belong here.....

Buillies never understand what emotions they put someone through.. they never realize the pain they cause others.. until its too late


Submitted: January 07, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Shan2239. All rights reserved.

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taekwondo mad

this is an extremly well written book

Tue, January 7th, 2014 4:46pm

Stormbird Throneshaker

They don't stop to think, WHAT IF IT WERE A MEMBER OF MY OWN FAMILY that was being bullied!
Does the bully realize that the heart is a fragile and delicate thing that can shatter and break the mind, body, and or soul of the one being bullied?
The thing that matters the most to the bully at the time is, THAT THEY DON'T CARE!
Perhaps it is that they themselves are feeling threatened so they take it out on someone who is weaker to make themselves feel stronger until it becomes an addiction to them!
Frankenstein didn't think before he created the monster that eventually destroyed him!!!
This gets an(I LIKE IT)from me!!!

Tue, January 7th, 2014 4:48pm

Rafyel Adama

wow ! this is very powerful and says a lot of good about you. Deep thoughts in this. Your heart and mind run deep beneath the surface. where the existential of the soul resides. My deepest compliments on this. You are so completely balanced in your humanity. Keep writing .... keep writing....keep pushing against the boundaries of conventional appearances-a wallpaper of lies.

Wed, January 8th, 2014 7:35pm


wow. this is really intense. i like it! i agree with a lot of your points. good job

Sun, December 14th, 2014 3:01am

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