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An essay I had to write for English 12

Submitted: December 13, 2010

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Submitted: December 13, 2010




The Greatest Influence In My Life

Taiya Arnott

Everyone had that one person in their life that makes then who the are. That one that without, would make them a completely different person - whether that good or bad. And no matter how you look at it, it's fact that they taught you - at least one - experience you had yet to know. It's also fact that not all 'Great Influences' are good.

Appreciation: A word many people give no recognition to. I go about my day as any other, yet I don’t stop to thank my mom for the simplest wake up call, the 5-star mean in my bag, and a conversation filled ride to school. All these little actions done without my verbal gratitude told. A whole day, as if she hadn’t just woken up early for me, she hadn't just wasted her time to make sure I was prepared, and she hadn’t just arrived to work late on my account. She continues to help and sacrifice for my happiness; as if we were standing in the cold watching airplanes come and go. Yet I don’t seem to do the simplest of acts for her. Tell her thank-you for the help, generosity, and love she had given me. She will still take my lack of gratitude like an innocent mute child. I can’t show her my appreciation, but if roles were reversed I would expect nothing less.It is her kindness she shows me that is what I should appreciate.

Benevolence: A type of action that should be displayed regularly. Selflessness of a dad that is not biological, yet he does more for me then my own father. How he shows up to my rehearsals, picking me up. How he gives me money when it is needed, even over the simplest items. How he cares for me as if I was his own child, not just a teenager living under his roof. The kindness he shows me is more then appreciated, it shows his heart like an angels. He is benevolent when it comes to what needs to be done and that is what admires me most. How can he look at me - my appearance being nothing of his - and see me as his daughter. It is as if he needs me as much as I need him. His act of selflessness is well to be learnt of.

Conceited: A form of attitude that should be discouraged. A father, that only until recently, started acknowledging me as his daughter. Through words nor actions did I previously be part of what a daughter should be to her dad. During growth his actions towards me are as if I were an unwanted freeloader. I would wonder 'Am I nothing to him, simply a child that was not planned?' His attitude towards me was not of a fathers, not of a relatives, nor of a family friends. It was as if we were strangers to one another. When he finally comes back into me life, I can't help but think if his actions are to be applauded for or looked down upon. Yet when it is my time for ignorance of the other, I discover he has a voice like a wolf. As if it were now my fault for the distance between us. It is all of this that makes me see the importance of his presence - or lack of - in my life. A clear action to learn from and improve.

Whether it be the love, care or resentment that was shown to me from a simple human act, I go on my life and adapt to my upbringing. All those needs, wants, and hates are what shaped me into myself. Yet there may have been annoying or hurtful times, that would be something I would not change, not want to fix my frustration of a given event. Those experiences define who a person is to become, changing you for good or bad. A 'Great Influence' may be someone that changes your life, but it's you who decides how to live it.

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