A true friend like you

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

its about a girl who has a best friend who is always by her side. but her best friend lives far, and all she does is wait wait for her best friend. She waits for the perfect time to tell her best friend how she feels.!! she just doesn't know when is the right time. so she just shows her respect and how extremely happy she is that her best friend is still with her until today.

Waiting for you, 

Is waiting for happiness,

Every second i miss you,

Every month that goes by,

It feels like decades of loneliness,

The are trult the worst time.

But when you are here,

Theres nothing better, 

Because you awaken my heart,

You change everything i saw from dark to light,

And theres nothing you will see on my face,

But a wide smile for you.

Because you make me feel excited,

And theres no words to describe it.

You are my golden torch to life.

I would never want to lose you.

Or ever try to destroy the strong connection that we have for this long.

I want us to be inconvincible,


You are the closest person that I can call a friend,

A true friend,

You truly are to me.

Feelings can change as time goes by,

But what I feel for you,

I am certain can never be altered.

If I could only open my heart,

For you to see,

How I really feel,

You will never believe it.

I don’t want you to think of me as anything but someone,

Someone who really cares for you,

Someone who is your best friend.


Tell me off if you must,

Help me,

Guide me,

Teach me when I do something wrong.

Say what you feel,

Whether its,




Just simply anything.

I am all your ears,

I am always here.

You are my best friend,

A true friend,

 You are to me.

We are different people,

Who live in separate worlds,

Who come from different cultures,

We have different feelings,

But through my eyes,

We are one,

People might spread words,

Lies might fly around,

Who cares,

Not me,

You shouldn’t,

They who talk lies,

Are blind,

Blind to see the truth.

Just knowing I have you,


Or far,

I know I am shielded,


By my best friend,

You are my best friend,

A true friend,

You are to me.


Submitted: April 21, 2012

© Copyright 2022 shanaj. All rights reserved.

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