Sorry Love, I did not trust you

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This happened when I was engaged with this guy.. and yet my family and the beautiful bond was keeping me away to be bonded with this guy....

Submitted: November 07, 2014

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Submitted: November 07, 2014



Sorry I did not trust you…

This incident happened around 7 years ago . I was not married at that time: I was seeing this guy(my husband now) for quite a few years and we decided to marry.

Before marriage, my family is a lower middle class one , We all are attached and share a close bond amongst all the family members. I wanted to help my father ever since I was graduated and hence I took small jobs to take care of my fees and other expenses. My father was very proud of me as I got a job in one of the MNC’s and since then I have been taking care of my younger brothers and their needs.With my job, me and this guy(my husband now)have started a small office as we want to do something in life on his own: With our regular jobs, we were investing time and effort on our new office which was doing quite fine by then.

My family was more important to me .. and I want to show all the luxuries to my parents and younger brother who always had adjusted with the little pocket money and little comforts my father provided them…yet we were so happy together. Once I got a job, I wanted to change everything…I wanted to buy everything that they deserve , at their age .. Im happy that yes I could do everything I thought .. gifting them everything they need at the proper time… and sometimes their friends envy being my brothers and ask me sometimes to adopt them as my brothers….I felt proud too…
Two of my brothers are humble and caring towards me. I share a motherly bond with my younger one as he is too younger .. and I was his teacher from his school days….On his birthday, I wanted to gift him a bike as he used to travel by bus to his college….I had half of the amount ready to be paid as initial amount and the remaining amount I want to take two wheeler loan …Hence I gave my other brother the amount and ask to book the vehicle and to get the vehicle ready to be delivered by his birthday… We both invested 10 days to get him his favorite bike,,, searching for the agents who could deliver on the special day and to get the amount gathered…. On the day , my brother had to pay the initial amount, I got a news that someone has stolen the amount from the place they live and quite a few things have reported missing.. I lost all hopes, shocked.. at the same time angry .. seeing that I could not get him the best gift of his life….

I did not tell this guy( my husband now) all this cos I don’t want him to interfere, tell me not to spoil my brothers with gifts as such and blah blah….
On the day I lost money .. I was so depressed ….he asked me what happened why I was so low…. I burst out in tears and told him that I wanted to gift my brother a bike but could not do it as im having no money….i may accumulate it in the next 2 months.. but I want to do it now… He took out the debit card and gave it to me and told me to fulfill my wish..and that is the company amount and I have to return as soon as I can cos we have to pay the salaries as well to the employees….

I thanked him and told him that I never believed that he will support me… He told me “ I did not do it for your brother, I did it for you… I cant see you cry.. not the debit card,I may have given anything at the moment which makes you happy”.. God.. how can I thank him… I did not even trust him…I returned the payment in the promised time

Till now.. I continue giving my family whatever I can whatever I thought I should.. to make them lead a decent life….Thank you love .. for being with me.

Sorry I did not trust you.....

Thank you that you chose my happiness over money…

May death take over me before anything ill happens to our beautiful relationship……….

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