the orphanage

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the orphanage is a horrible place. sophie hated it there she was determined to escape it.

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



Sophie was an 11 year old girl.She had beautiful blonde hair.Her familiy died in a car crash she had 1 brother ad a little sister.Sophie missed her familiy very much.

Now sophie was in and orphanage and they treated her cruely.There were kids who bullied her and made fun of her and, the orphanage would treat her like a slave and made her do all the work.She was sick a tired of all the work she had to do.

One day sophie thaught of a plan that how she was going to escape the orphanage.The next day sophie woke up early and walked through the empty orphanage hall to see if all of the staff were sleeping.She carefully opened the wooden door that led to the staff room she peeped her head out a looked left and right and saw all the staff ladies sleeping.Sophie gently closed the door and sighed now this was the hard part she had to check the head mistress office whose name was Mrs.Agatha trunchbull.Everybody was scared of her.And believe me she was very ugly and very fat.Mrs.trunchbull could kill two birds with one stone.

Sophie carefully opened the hard metal door that was leading to the room of mrs.trunchbull.Sophie was really careful this time.And believe me if she got cought getting into the headmistress office mrs.trunchbull could litterly kill her.She got inside and let the door open she looked around and saw pictures of all the orphans with arrows on them some were missed but most of them were'nt.Now she got goosebumps on her skin you could tell she was scared she slowly tip-toes and saw mrs.trunchbull snoring very loudly.She was laying on a big queen sized bed wich was covered with pink valvet covers.Sophie was mentally screaming with joy right now.Sophie quickly, yet carefully walked out of the office and made her way to the door with a big red logo on it that said,:EXIT.She nodded and quickly sprinted out of this horrible place which some people called an orphanage.

Sophie was so happy that she forgot that there were guards outside the orphanage guarding it.When she came to her sences she remembered it and quickly hid behind the cold thick cement wall.Then the bell rang and sophie knew it was the break for the guards this was her chance to leave.Sophie practically sprinted and ran and finally escaped fron the discusting horrible and nasty place.Sophie did'nt knew where she was going until she bumped into an old women and the women asked sophie if she was alright and said that if she wanted to stay withe her sophie furiously noded and went with the old women.

Now sophie is 20 years old and is still happy with that old women, sophie has now opened her own new orphanage to help the poor kids who suffered their lives as her.

-When life gives you a hundred reason to cry, show life a thousand reasons to smile.;)

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