The Survival

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A man is exiled on a nearby planet left to fight for survival.

Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Submitted: January 14, 2013




The Survival

My name is Castus Viscer and I am the combat specialist on the ship Veritas Quaesitor. My job is to protect the captain and the researchers who visit distant planets in search of a new home. The date is June 13th 3746, in a galaxy 46 light years away from home. What started off as a normal day had quickly changed for the worst. Yesterday morning I got news from the captain that we found a planet we could possibly live on with water, oxygen, life, and food. Upon hearing this news I got ready for the trip to the planet. It is standard procedure to have a specialist team go down to the planet and check it out first, but everyone was so excited to get on the planet we forgot to. From looking at the planet through the window of my cabin you could tell it was just green all over with small veins of blue running through it. I knew just from looking at its terrain it was going to be a rough environment with the possibility of dangerous creatures. Instead of acting on this I just ignored instinct and waited for the trip to come. When I went to eat dinner last night everyone was partying, dancing, and having a good time. All you could smell was cheap alcohol and smoke, the sound of the crew celebrating was so loud you could barely hear yourself thinking. It had been a long time since I’ve seen the crew this happy. Everyone thought this was a beginning to a new happier life, one where they didn’t have to stay in a ship all day wondering when the day would come when they could enjoy being on a planet instead of a hunk of metal. After dinner I went up to my cabin preparing for the morning.

As usual I woke up at 6 AM this morning put on my gear and went to the docking bay to get on the transport shuttle. While on the shuttle to the planet the scientist told us that he had no idea what is on the planet so be very cautious and keep an eye out for anything dangerous. At 8 AM we arrive on the planet and instantly as soon as you get out of the shuttle you can feel the heat and humidity of the planet. You could hardly see 50 feet in front of you due to the dense Forrest. From the first step on that planet I felt uneasy about it. I was constantly on watch waiting for something to happen. We walked for what seemed like forever, all you could hear was the occasional bird and see some strange bugs here and there. The humidity was so intense we decided to make camp and take a break about 3 miles from the shuttle. As we were sitting around resting the scientist came to the decision to name the planet Praecalidus Silva for its humidity and forestation. It was soon to be dark and all the nightlife creatures were chirping and peeping and making all these crazy sounds. We knew we needed to keep the fire going, so they sent me out to get firewood. So I checked the perimeter one last time and left to get firewood. About an hour had passed since I check the perimeter I was about 40 minutes from the campsite. I was on my way back when all of the sudden I noticed that there was no sound at all, nothing but the sound of the wind. All of the sudden I heard abrupt scream I dropped the wood and ran to the campsite as fast as I could! But I was too late; when I got there they had already been dead. The Captain, the scientist, the 4 crew who came down, and the other specialist who came down to help me keep watch. There were slash marks all over them but none of them seemed to be eaten at all, it was almost like whatever it was just killed them to kill them. Maybe it felt scared, maybe it is just its nature to kill for sport, maybe we threatened it, I didn’t know. At that moment I just sat there by the fire keeping watch with my gun ready to fire. All night I waited for something to happen, but it never came back. When morning came I buried their bodies and went back to the shuttle to tell the news of what had happened. When I got back and told them they were furious that I wasn’t there to help. The next runner up for captain had them arrest me and questioned me about what happened. I told them I didn’t know anything because I was getting wood. They blamed all their deaths on me for not being there, and sentenced me to die by exile. What better way to get justice they thought than to let the very thing that killed all of them kill me. They gave me rifle, knife, and pistol to be fair they said, and sent me down to the planet.

They left me there on the planet just before dusk to let me attempt to make or find shelter. I just stood still looking up to the sky as I watched them leave me stuck on this cursed planet forever. After the ship was out of my site I decided standing there wasn’t going to help me survive; so I began to search for shelter as fast as I could. By the time it was dark I was unable to find shelter. I lit a fire and had my gun ready to fire all night long; I wasn’t able to get any sleep. I knew if I went to sleep odds are I would not have woke up. All night I heard the sound of the nightlife creatures, I figured that meant I was safe for the time being.  When morning came I went in search of some shelter again. I walked for hours, wondering how long I would last on this planet. Then something caught my eye. As I walked towards it I had found an old crashed ship the crew inside was dead and the ship was damaged beyond repair, just my luck. But it made for a good shelter, the next thing I knew I needed was fresh water. So I checked 2 miles north, west, east, and south. I found a freshwater stream about a mile and a half south. The fresh cold water was a huge relief from the heat. I was glad I found water but my stomach has been screaming at me since last night, I had to get food. Only thing was I wasn’t sure how, what, or where to even get it.

As I was walking back to camp I heard this strange sound almost like a grunt and I heard branches on the ground snapping. I got my rifle and went towards the sound. As I got close I saw a huge creature at least weighing around 600 pounds. It was eating the leaves on trees which explained the crackling sounds I heard. I walked up to the creature and it didn’t even care I was there. It was so calm; I couldn’t bring myself to kill it. I decided to name it Mitigandae for its giant and calm nature. I managed to find a fruit of some sort that the Mitigandae was eating. I figured if it could eat it so could I. It was a chance I had to take; I knew I wouldn’t last long without food. Its taste was sweet like an apple but its texture was more smooth and soft. I gathered as much as I could and brought them back to camp; I had enough to last a little over a week.

It was close to evening again so I gathered everything up and took it into the old ship. I left the fire burning outside as I watched through the window if anything was there. I continued to watch for hours. I swear every now and then I would see a dark figure just outside of the fires light, I figured it was my imagination. After awhile I decided to get some sleep. I woke up in the morning and went outside only to find that there were prints all over the ground around the ship. Almost as if something was studying it trying to find a weak spot or a way to get in. Whatever it was it must have been watching me, waiting for me to fall asleep so I wouldn’t notice it. Maybe that was the shadow I kept seeing last night. But the shadow looked like that of a man, standing tall on two feet. Could it be that I am not alone on this planet? No, that wouldn’t make any sense. That footprint was no footprint of a man; it was big with 3 giant claws.

Whatever it was I knew didn’t have time to focus on it now. I have to find food other than a fruit. In the ship I had found more weapons and ammo. Though they weren’t as advanced as my weapons they are just as effective. I decided to head south again; yesterday while looking for water I noticed it led to a cave. Perhaps there is something worth hunting in there. Knowing the dangers of going into the cave I decided to set traps around the entrance hoping to find something in the morning. Above the cave was a huge boulder so I decided to make a simple deadfall trap. I took branches and wire I found in the ship and proceeded to lock the boulder in place on the edge just enough so when you remove the branches the boulder falls on the animal killing it.  I put the trip wire stretching across the entire entrance of the cave. Once I finished I started to make my way back to camp when I noticed these bird-like things in the trees singing this wonderful song I stayed there listening to them for awhile. I was amazed how something so beautiful sounding could live on such a rough planet. After some time passed I came to name them Melodes Avis for the sound they make and continued to walk to the ship.

On my way back to the ship I saw something I couldn’t believe; it was the carcass of a mitigandae, with huge claw marks on it and a bite mark like I’ve never seen. With something so enormous around how did I not see it, or hear it, the fact that something so huge could be so silent and not give me a single hint it was around. Something so huge had to have a big den to live, that’s when it hit me; the cave I set the trap at may have been big enough to hold such a creature. I didn’t have time to go to the cave and check on the trap, for it was almost nightfall.

I was still 2 miles from the ship with less than 20 minutes until dusk, I ran as fast as I could to the ship! Every step I took toward the ship I noticed the same dark figure hiding in the shadows chasing after me! I was only 1 mile away from the ship. The sun only had minutes left; I knew I wasn’t going to make it in time. I pulled out my gun and began shooting at the creature! BAM! BAM! BAM! It dodged every bullet with amazing speed! It continued to just come at me! All I could hear was the sound of it pounding the ground with every footstep letting out a fierce grunt with force every other step. I was still quarter mile from the ship and the sun had already set. I was running through the dark at this point. The creature came out of the shadows and began to run with full force at me! I wasn’t going to make it; it was faster than me by far. Suddenly this enormous figure came crashing through the trees plowing them down like a bulldozer and began attacking the creature of the shadows killing it and eating it in one bite.  It was even bigger than I had imagined, not only that but when it attacked it was only minutes from the ship. I ran into the ship got my rifle and looked out the window waiting for it to come for me next. The silence was like a graveyard in the middle of the night. Then I began to hear the sound of the animals again, it was all finally over. For the rest of the night all I could see was that shadow and that enormous creature in my head. I decided to name the creature in the shadows Silens Umbra, and the enormous creature I could only think of one name for it, Diabolus Baratrum meaning beast from hell.

As soon as the sun rose I went to the cave where I set the trap. As I came up to the cave the trap was triggered and the boulder had broken into pieces. I knew it hit something because there was blood on the shattered remains of rock, but it wasn’t enough to kill anything. How could anything survive that boulder landing on it, not only that but actually break the boulder into pieces! The power of the Diabolus Baratrum is mind blowing! How will I ever take such a thing down?

I went back to the ship to think about how I can take it down. But I just couldn’t figure it out. It is so massive that nearly everything I throw at it would be ineffective. I went for a walk to clear my mind to hopefully find a good idea. After walking for awhile I decided to stop and rest. I was leaning on this tree I noticed the sound of fast flowing water, so I began to follow the sound to see what it was. With every step closer I could hear the thunderous roars of a waterfall getting louder and louder. As I got to the waterfall it was massive at least 150 feet tall as it pounded the deep water below, if I had to guess it was at least 50 feet deep. That’s when it hit me, build a trap that would push and pulled the beast underwater drowning it. Such a trap would take precision math and timing. So I went back to the ship to get ready to build the trap in the morning.

Throughout the night I sat there in the ship without sleeping planning out how to build the trap. But as I was sitting there I could hear him out there, breathing heavily, waiting for me, ready to attack. After I finished planning I just sat there in the pilot seat looking at him through the window. He just stood there the whole time, watching, waiting for me to do something; I just wasn’t sure what. I was getting more and more tired while watching him. I could feel my eyes getting heavy; slowly my head began to fall down until I was asleep.  I woke up in the morning only to see him still standing in that same spot. I have never seen any of the creatures out in the day; could it be I angered it somehow? Then for some reason it just turned around and began walking away.  Once it got far enough I grabbed my gear and went to build the trap. Fortunately for me the trap was in the other direction. I got to the waterfall and dragged a log to the right spot so when it would swing and hit the beast it would push it into the water. Next I took a large thick tarp, cut holes in each corner and tied weights to them to drag the Diabolus Baratrum under the water. Once the trap was finished I stayed there waiting for him to come.

It was about an hour till dark.  I could hear him in the distance getting closer; it was terrifying to hear that loud monstrous grunt as it tore through the trees in its way. It is now 30 minutes till dark, it’s right on top of me; I can hear heavy breathing around me. I just can’t see him through the trees. Then suddenly I heard a loud roar behind me and stomping as if it were charging me!  I turned around sharply only to see it’s too late to do anything because it was right behind me. It knocked me down with a strong swipe of its hand and bit me in the calf. Fortunately it set the trap off as it was biting me and got knocked into the water by the log. It let go off its grip on my leg on the impact of the log. As it was in the water the tarp fell down on top of it and dragged it under. I could hear its screams even though it was under water, didn’t sound like a scream of rage though; but that of fear.

It was all over, the creature was dead and the Diabolus Baratrum will be thought of no more. It tore my leg up bad; I just sat there by the water against a tree in the dark, waiting for something to come and get me. But nothing ever came I was just sitting there in the dark listening to all the sounds around me. When morning came I got up and began limping back to the ship. Seemed like forever considering with every other step I was in agonizing pain. I finally made it to the ship and just sat in here in the pilot’s seat. My leg was bleeding badly, and without proper treatment I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Strange though, of all the ways I thought I would die; I never imagined I would die in exile on some foreign planet by some creature. As I was waiting in that seat I could tell I was slowly fading away. But that’s okay with me; I’m not afraid to die. It was still early in the morning, so I was watching the birds and listening to them as they sang their songs. Not long afterwards the sounds of the birds got more quiet with each passing second until………

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