Yahweh and The Light Bringer

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A short tale about two brothers, the greatest war and how it all started.

Submitted: December 01, 2012

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Submitted: December 01, 2012



Yahweh and the Light Bringer


A short story

By Shane Linscott



Once upon a time before time itself. There was a family, the first family. Yahweh and Yahweh's children existed in harmony. But as we all know, families don’t always get along. This is a familiar, but no simple story. There is love and there is hate, which comes with the ultimate family at work. But like any good story, starting from the start and the best place to begin…..

The first day, starting with a perfect sphere.

“Let there be light” were the first words spoken to begin this magnificent creation. The light shone on this sphere and glistened in the eyes of Yahweh.

The second day, Yahweh created water. The sphere was now in fluid form and now much cooler.

The third day, lands rose, Mountains peaked, valleys sloped and grass grew. By doing this, oceans formed, waters falls fell and lakes scattered.

The fourth day, so started the signs of time. The rotation of the sun and the moon. Constellations, the stars shone so bright in the dark of night. Now time it self can be calculated. Days, months and years have begun.

The fifth day, the first animals begin to walk. Air, land and sea creature are born. Birds flew, lions ran and sharks swam. But this would not be Yahweh’s greatest accomplishment.

The sixth day, Yahweh created a mighty being, a male, which would be named Adam. Thus the dawn of mankind. Yahweh stepped back to take a good look at what had been done. Yahweh was please.

“I shall give them my greatest gift, the gift of choice” Yahweh’s gift which was given to what is now known as Earth, our planet, our home.

The seventh day, Yahweh rests. After a hefty six days of creation. The seventh and last day would be immortalized as “The Day of Rest” and so it was blessed.


This is where the story really starts. When Yahweh finished with Adam, the finest of all achievements.

 “I must show my children” said Yahweh and so called on Lucifer, Yahweh’s most loyal and loved of all the children. Lucifer, yet not the oldest, but the chief, leader of the house. So Yahweh asked.

“Gather all your brothers, I have something to show you” and so he did.

Lucifer waited patiently with Michael, Gabriel and all his brothers. It was Uriel that asked.

“Why are we here?”

“We were asked here, there does not need to be a why” reply Lucifer. The great hall went silent as Yahweh walked out with something draped in cloth.

“Thank you my children, for coming. I know there is much work to be done, but I have something to show you” as Yahweh grabbed the cloth ready to reveal.

“What I’m about to show you, is my greatest creation. Something of my own image, I call him Adam” as Yahweh pulled down the cloth to reveal Adam. As Adam stood there, all Yahweh’s children grasped in glory, but one, Lucifer.

“Are you not impressed my child?” asked Yahweh.

“I am sorry, no!” as Lucifer lowered is head, as if more disappointed then anything. Michael looked to him and asked.

“My brother, can you not see the beauty in this perfect creature?”

“Perfect! This thing is far from perfect, it is flawed” reply Lucifer.

“LUCIFER! How dare you?” screamed Michael. The tension in the hall grow, as everyone moved away from Michael and Lucifer. They just stood there staring at each other. Lucifer not ashamed at what he said and Michael looking at him with such disgust. It was Lucifer that broke the silence.

“Brothers, can you not see that this atrocity has been given more then we ever have, yet we are more powerful, WE are perfection”

\"NO! If Yahweh say it, then so shall it be” replied Michael.

“I can not condone this ABOMINATION!”

“You defy Adam, you defy Yahweh” stated Michael.

Now a defiant child, not willing to back down from his beliefs. He stands, arms wide open as if he knew what was to come. Michael drew his sword, the only one of it’s kind.

“Lucifer, in one move I can take your grace and send you to the pits of the underworld” threatened Michael.

“Then so shall it be!” said Lucifer with no regret. Michael did as he promised, he raised his sword and brought it down on Lucifer, faster then you could ever imagine. The pain in Lucifer eyes is more intense then anything that has been witnessed before, as Lucifer’s grace, the source of all his power, was taken from him. With Michael’s other hand he pushes Lucifer through the floor, aiming for the underworld.

As he fell, Michael mustered all of his grace to create 9 seals to lock Lucifer in the depths of the underworld. Michael collapsed weak from the battle. Raphael helped him up. They all turned to find, nothing. Yahweh was gone, they searched high and low, the great Yahweh could not be found.

Some say Yahweh died from the heart break of seeing the children fighting. Others say Yahweh vows to return once the harmony has returned to all things. But it is Lucifer locked away in the underworld that stirs and until the 9 seals are broken. The underworld he shall stay.

Lucifer goes on to create a being of disturbing proportion and her name, Lilith, so begins the war, light vs. dark, brother vs. brother and both never to back down. Is this what Yahweh wanted? Until the return of Yahweh, we will never know.





The beginning……..















© Copyright 2019 Shane Linscott. All rights reserved.

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