At her majestys pleasure

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Tongue in cheek poem about the publics perception of prison life written in decasyllabic verse, Im aware this style should have 4 lines per section but i'm all for breaking the rules.... call the police

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013



There is nothing like having soft clean sheets,

And having a big full english breakfast,

Your room is always at a toasty heat,

And your windows view can leave you breathless,

Feel the nice soft carpet beneath your feet,

All this constant luxury is endless,

This is as plush as any wedding suite,

Your time spent in this heaven is precious,


You spend all day playing video games,

Or you could be learning a brand new skill,

Write a romantic novel to get fame,

Yesyou're looking sharp, you're dressed for the kill,

Get comfortable to watch the weekend game,

They're showing it in 3D for the thrill,

You can do all this and more with no shame,

Let the working taxpayer get the bill,


There's no worries, no bills or council tax,

And there's no stupid TV license fees,

You don't have to worry and watch your back,

The security will put you at ease,

Relax in your room, play your favourite tracks,

From the massive collection of CDs,

Endulge and treat yourself with sweets and snacks,

Drink alcohol or anything you please,


A free membership to the local gym,

Which you can visit at your own leisure,

Nip down to the barbers for just a trim,

While you're here there's no such this as pressure,

Life away from thisparadise is grim,

So you should commit some crimes together,

And live a life of blissfull carefree sin,

Be a guest at her majesty's pleasure.

© Copyright 2017 Shane P. All rights reserved.

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